Tourism guide Yalova Turkey in summer and winter, Yalova is considered one of the most important tourist cities in Turkey, which is the capital of Yalova Province, as it is located between Istanbul and Bursa in the north of the state, and its population is about 70.118 people, and it is worth noting that it enjoys the diversity of nationalities of the Bulgarians And the Greeks, the Romens and the Yugoslavs.
It is also a distinctive tourist city, as it contains many picturesque landscapes along with many other places worth visiting if you plan to travel to Turkey soon then make it from the list of cities that you will visit.
Through Arab travelers, you can learn more about the most important sights in Yalova.

The most beautiful places of tourism in Yalova Turkey in summer and winter

1. Sudoshan Waterfall

  • The Sudoshan Waterfall is one of the most important tourist places in Yalova, as it is the perfect choice for those looking for calm and relaxation.
  • Sodoshan Falls is characterized by its beautiful natural beauty that attracts a lot of tourists, which will make you incite to take many memorial photos of this place.
  • Sodoshan Waterfall is surrounded by a number of mountains and valleys, and while you are wandering you will find many wooden benches that allow you to sit and enjoy the view of the waterfalls.
  • There are also many restaurants that offer delicious Turkish food, which will enable you to enjoy eating all kinds of food near the waterfalls

2. Cinarcik Resort

  • If you like to go to the picturesque beaches, then you should visit Chinarcik Resort.
  • Located on the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara, Cinarcik Promenade is one of the most attractive resorts in Turkey.
  • When you go there, you can wander around on the boat to enjoy the view of the water, as well as go fishing if you love it.
  • Among the activities that ensure a great time there is a barbecue party alongside camping.
  • The resort has a sandy beach that enables you to have the relaxation and comfort you want, along with many rocky beaches.
  • There are many restaurants and cafes available in the place, as well as many hotels if you are looking to stay there near the beaches.

3. Choir Chidra Village

  • If you are looking for more calm and comfort then just go to Chouq Chedra Village.
  • The village is distinguished by its many water springs and picturesque waterfalls, in addition to being a mainly rural village that guarantees you to get relief from the hustle and bustle of the cities.
  • The village is also distinguished for its many flowers in many places, which give a feeling of happiness and recreation.
  • You can go to restaurants there to taste traditional Turkish dishes, as well as shops that enable you to buy souvenirs there.

4. City of Armutlu

  • Away from the city of Yalova, about 55 km.
  • The city is distinguished because it contains a tourist village that attracts many tourists annually for its amazing beauty.

5. Yalova City Museum

  • If you are a fan of visiting museums, you can go to this museum, which is located near the sea, and was opened in 2013.
  • The museum contains many pictures of the history of the city, along with many figures that represent the social life of the ancient people.

Yalova baths

Yalova is famous for its many baths used for therapeutic purposes, especially in The coastal city of Termal, Which is located in the west of the city, You can learn about the most prominent of these bathrooms by the following:

1. Lead bath

  • One of the most prominent baths in the village of Termal, and it was named so because of the lead dome of the bathroom.
  • The venue has an outdoor pool, along with a Jacuzzi and a sauna, as well as family rooms.

2. The Sultan’s mother’s bath

  • One of the oldest baths in the village, as it dates back to the fourth century AD.
  • It was named after the mother of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Majeed II who used to go to him for treatment.
  • The bathroom has a section for men and women, as well as an indoor pool.

3. The Sultan’s Bath

  • Among the city’s old baths, it is considered the best among the rest.
  • It has a small swimming pool, as well as private family rooms.

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