Your comprehensive guide on Sharm El Sheikh transportation

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Sharm El Sheikh city includes few transportation, which is concentrated in microbus, taxi, buses for hotels and tourist companies, not for public transport.

Together, we will learn about the types of transportation and lines of Sharm El Sheikh, as well as an overview of the available prices of Sharm El Sheikh transportation.


The microbus network covers the plateau area, the old market, the Al-Nour neighborhood, the Naama Bay area, the international airport, the Nabq Bay area (Gharqana), and the Ruwaisat area. There is a bus stop for other governorates. Payment rates range between one and three pounds.

As for the microbus tracks in the city, there are microbus going from the old market to the plateau area and the most famous of what the city’s local council passes through.

Another departs from the market heading to Naama Bay, the most famous of which is the Delta, and the Al-Nour neighborhood.

As for the third line, it passes in the same stations as the Naama Bay line, then it passes through the city’s airport, to the area of ​​Gharqana.


Taxi is popular in Sharm El Sheikh and is one of the most popular transportation in Sharm El Sheikh. Its official prices are 5 pounds to open the meter and the extra kilogram is 3 pounds, but most taxi drivers prefer to agree on the price of a single ride and do not use the meter.

Private cars

In Sharm El Sheikh, there are a lot of car rental offices with or without a driver, and provide their customers with the latest types of cars, at good prices. All you have to do is present a valid driving certificate in addition to the ID card. It is advisable to rent the car from well-known offices such as those in airports, and avoid Renting cars without comprehensive insurance.

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