Your tourist guide in Istanbul provides you with a lot of places worth visiting there, but we must first mention the most important information about that city, which is one of the largest cities in Turkey in terms of population that reaches about 15 million people.
Besides that city is still preserved in the scent of history, as it was the capital of the ancient Romen Empire, Byzantine and Latin, next to the Ottoman Empire. City.

Your tourist guide in Istanbul

Istanbul is distinguished for its many mosques, museums, and picturesque natural places. Learn about the most prominent of them through the following:

1. The Girl’s Tower

  • It is located on the Asian side of the city, and it is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations there.
  • Climbing to the top of the Al Fanna Tower allows you to enjoy the view of the Bosphorus, along with many landmarks surrounding the place.
  • When you go there, you can also take memorial photos of the place, besides you can enjoy the view of the place by sitting in the restaurant on the first floor of the tower.
  • If you want to enjoy the view of the aesthetic Bosphorus, you can tour the boat there, which will enable you to reach the tower.

2. Bridal Tal

  • It is the highest hill in Istanbul, a place that combines stunning natural scenery and minarets.
  • When you get there, you can go to the restaurant on the top of the hill to enjoy the view of the place, a place that attracts many tourists, and Turkish brides are keen to go to the place in order to take memorial photos.
  • The place has a number of gardens with exquisite green spaces that enable you to get quiet and relax there.

3. Topkapi Museum

  • It was considered a palace primarily and has another name, which is “the high door”, and it is considered one of the most important museums in the city.
  • The museum has historical significance, as it was considered the main center of the Ottoman Empire for nearly 4 centuries, and is considered one of the largest palaces in the city.
  • The museum contains many ancient Islamic monuments, most notably the sword of the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace.
  • The museum is distinguished by the fact that it is surrounded by many shops that enable you to buy souvenirs beside restaurants and libraries.

Among the most prominent museums in the city: Hagia Sophia Museum, Islamic Museum, Wax Museum and Snow Museum.

4. Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet)

  • You cannot come to visit Istanbul without going to its most famous mosque, the Blue Mosque, which is characterized by the presence of about 6 cities.
  • This mosque was built between the period 1609 to 1616, and it is considered a masterpiece because it combines Islamic architecture and Byzantine engineering.

Among the most prominent mosques that you can visit in the city: Yaoz Selim Mosque, Suleiman the Magnificent, Al-Fateh Mosque and Ortakoy Mosque.

5. Very beach in Bustan

  • One of the most beautiful beaches in the city, which is located in the city of Kadikoy, and is considered an attractive place for many tourists.
  • It is characterized by the cleanliness and beauty of its water, which enables you to sit on the beach and enjoy looking at it.
  • There are many restaurants surrounding the beach, and after completion you can visit Baghdad Street for shopping.

Among the most prominent beaches that you can visit in the city: Solar Beach, Kilyos, Florya Istanbul, and Ozubia.

6. The Grand Market

  • It is considered one of the most popular markets in Istanbul, and it has another name which is the covered market, and it is one of the oldest markets in Turkey.
  • The market attracts more than a quarter of a million visitors a day, and includes many mosques and bathrooms, as well as shops selling souvenirs, as well as shops selling handicrafts, most notably Turkish carpets.
  • It is one of the largest markets there, as it includes about 60 streets there, and it has six gates, the most prominent of which are Mahmoud Pasha Gate and Bab Bayezid.

Among the most prominent other popular markets that you can visit in the city: Arasta market, the Egyptian market, and the copper market.

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