With my friends, I decided to tour the most famous tourist areas in the Philippines
I booked flights to Cactlan from Manila Philippine Airport, and the road was rainy while going to the airport

And we took some pictures with the phone camera

The ads were everywhere, and the electricity wires were randomly intertwined

And maintenance work never stops

When we arrived at the airport, we headed to the plane bound for Caticlan

Flight hospitality

Boracay is starting to appear

And infidels descended in preparation for landing

We finally got out and got out of the small Cactlan airport

We got the boat station

The company gave us a map of Boracay Island, contact cards and a brochure containing all activities and shops in Boracay.

We got on the boat and drove to Boracay Island for 10 minutes to reach the island

Living in Boracay was in two hotels where we sat two nights from 8 to 10 May and named JJ Resort and Spa.
The other hotel we sat in was 3 nights from May 10-13, named Giulius Boracay italyn Resort
This reception and the rosary in front of him

I received the room and I was checking it through the Asia Travel website, and the price per night was 3200 pesos
Room + bathroom for you God + door open to the pool

We then went out to eat

And made a simple tour on the beach

After that we returned to the hotel to rest and complete the rest of our trip the next morning
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