Zanzibar Island

المسافرون العرب

Zanzibar Archipelago

The archipelago of Zanzibar is located in the eastern parts of the African continent, and it enjoys semi-autonomy despite its administration administratively to the state of Tanzania. The total is 985 square kilometers, and the archipelago of Zanzibar and the island that belongs to it must be distinguished.

Zanzibar Island

It is also known as Anguga Island, which is the largest and most populated island in the Zanzibar Archipelago located in the state of Tanzania, and it is one of the mountainous islands, with a length of 85 km from north to south, and a width of 30 km from east to west, and its total area To 1666 square kilometers, located in the southern half of the Zanzibar Archipelago located in the Indian Ocean, 59 kilometers from the Pemba Archipelago, the island is surrounded by a number of small islands (Kisengo, Shumbe, Chungu, Shwabwani, Baui, Kwali, Latham, Mewe and Maatwani, Moana, Minimba, Bobo, Yokan, and Bong Mi).

Politics and economics

The island is divided into three sections, namely, the central and southern parts under the name Kwani, the northern one (Makkotouni), and the urban area in the west which is the capital of the island, and according to the Tanzanian law, the island enjoys a high degree of autonomy, and depends on its economy on the industrial and tourism sectors which are in great development And it also depends on the agricultural sector, as it is one of the most important producers of spices, such as cloves in the country, and also depends on marine livestock, especially fish, as fishers depend on the eastern coast of the island for fishing.

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the climate

The island enjoys moderate temperatures during the summer, as it is affected by the strong breezes of the sea associated with the monsoons coming from the northeastern side. The island is intended for many visitors during this season, while during the winter it is affected by a few temperatures that contribute to rainfall during the month of November, and continues Rain falls intermittently during March, April, and May feel due to the southwest monsoon.

brief history

People lived on the island twenty thousand years ago, where it became a commercial area for the group of African regions close to the lakes, with the Arabian Peninsula and the Indian subcontinent, and the Omanis and Yemenis settled there, particularly in Stone Town, which is an important commercial site for its proximity to the cities Coastal, and during the age of exploration, the Portuguese Empire took control of the island, and was the first European power to establish settlements there, and contributed to raising the economic level in terms of trade, agriculture.

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