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If you are a fan of adventure and thrill, and do the unconventional things, then Zell am See is definitely your next destination. We offer you a comprehensive tourist schedule for the most important tourist places in Austria on the Arab Travelers website, the breathtaking activities of parachute, skydive, cabarets and many activities that you can only do in Zell am See.

Zell am See adventures:

Here are the coolest and most exciting activities you can take part in:

Parachute in Zell am See:

If you are a fan of adventure and do not fear anything, do not hesitate to try the parachute, and it is very important that you enjoy good health and do not suffer from any permanent disease and that your weight is less than ninety kilograms and you will find in the city many coaches who will help you in this exciting experience and you can book Online while you plan your trip.

Take a plane tour:

There are special places for lovers of flying, as there is a small airport in the city to take the plane on a tour around the city to see its various landmarks and charming natural places.

The rise of the Gross Glitter summit:

Many mountaineering hobbyists are competing for the Gros Glitter summit in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and activity, which is 3700 meters above sea level. You can do this with your friends to bring more suspense and fun to your time in Zell am See. It is extremely important that you do not have any diseases and are in good health so that you can do this without problems.

Take a cruise:

You can ride the ship, which will take you on a cruise in the wonderful waters, and it will be a great opportunity to see the natural places and the impressive scenery in the city. Do not hesitate to do so if you have the opportunity.

Summer slide:

It can be boarded by adults and children to bring more excitement to your trip, and it is one of the most enjoyable activities of Zell am See.

Tourist schedule in Zell am See:

Lake Zell am See:

One of the places you should not miss in the city, it is known that the water is very pure and sweet in the summer. In the winter, the water freezes, making it one of the best places for skiing or hockey.
Summer activities include swimming, snorkeling or parachuting.

Carmel Falls:

  • No one can visit the city without going through these waterfalls, which are considered one of the wonders of the world.
  • The Carmel Waterfalls are the highest waterfalls on the continent of Europe with a length of more than 300 meters, which makes them come in fifth place among the highest waterfalls around the world.
  • As for its location, it can be reached from the middle of the city within half an hour or an hour at most, and what distinguishes it is its mediation from various other vital places in the city, so you can actually reach it from anywhere and move from it to your next destination with ease.
  • You can take the bus, which is the least expensive means of transportation, or by renting a car, which is much more expensive, as is the train.
  • In addition to enjoying a dazzling trip through the flowing water and listening to the purl of water, you can enjoy dining in restaurants around the waterfall, eating delicious ice cream, or buying souvenirs.

Salvelden Village:

It is one of the most beautiful villages of the Austrian state at all, and among the most famous adventure activities in the summer slide, where it lands from a high altitude of three hundred meters and more and it extends to reach more than 1.4 kilometers, which will add a lot of pleasure and excitement to a visit to Zell am See.

Kaprun snowy area:

  • Kaprun Snow Region is located in the northern part of the Alps, and it is one of the most popular places for tourists to enjoy seeing the snow in a unique panoramic view.
  • It is one of the best places to enjoy skiing in a warm climate at the same time, as it is suitable for families as there is a part prepared in the region intended for young children so that they can enjoy this adventurous experience as well, and there are places to rent heavy clothes in order not to feel cold and rent clothes for skiing .
  • You will be surprised to know that the snowy region contains many Arab restaurants that prepare delicious Arabic food in addition to international dishes and it is the best place to eat halal meat in Austria.

Mount Schimten Huh:

There is a mountain at a height of a thousand meters from the sea level and tourists love to go to it to see the scenic view from above. You can also eat with this unique view in the restaurant and also a cable car ride that children love very much. In the mountain there are places designated for young children and other places for wandering between the mountains Dazzling with its relaxing greenery.

Zell am See Center:

  • Also called the Old Town, it is one of the most popular places in Zell am See and will add fun and excitement to your adventure.
  • Zell am See Center contains everything you dream of as it has a huge number of shops with international and local fashions.
  • You will find many restaurants that are delicious dishes, including Arab restaurants at the highest level Austrian restaurants in addition to Chinese food and Indian food. In short, you will find everything that you want to eat in this center of grills, sushi, seafood and desserts prepared by very skilled chefs.
  • If you want to stay in the heart of the city, do not hesitate to book in the five-star hotels that are located in Zell am See Center, where tourists found them very comfortable, and the staff are friendly and welcome tourists at any time.
  • Walking in the Zell am See Center gives you an opportunity to learn more about the daily life of people in Austria, how they spend their free time and how to shop. You will know many, many secrets about Austria that you will not get from the Internet or from books.

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