Mount Uludag or Mount Uludag (in Turkish: Uludağ) or as it is called the Great Mountain and some call it the legendary, it is the highest peak in the Western Anatolia region and the Marmara region and one of the tourist attractions in Bursa, the highest peak in it is 2543 meters above sea level and is called the black summit Kara Tepe.

Uludag mountain includes a national park Uludag milli park, which is 36 km from the heart of Bursa. Mount Uludag can be reached by private car or private bus or by cable car, which may be the easiest means in winter, especially when snow accumulates.

Learn about Mount Oldag, one of the most beautiful places of tourism on the Stock Exchange of Turkey

Activities you can do on Mount Oldagh

• Uludag Mountain is one of the most famous landmarks of the city of Bursa. It is intended for tourists from all over the world to ski, where the height of snow in the winter reaches four meters. International ski competitions are held in Mount Uludag, where skiing is usually available annually and continuously since December. To the end of March.

Oldagh Mountain is one of the most important tourist attractions of Bursa

• There are many lounges, restaurants and cafes on the way to Mount Oldag, where you can take a rest and have a meal before completing your trip to the top of Mount Oldag, and you can also enjoy tea at the top of the mountain.

Uludag mountain is one of the most beautiful tourist places on the Stock Exchange of Turkey

• Visitors can enjoy an open cable car ride that takes visitors and skiers up the mountain, and you can refer to the starting point of the open cable car by cable car or by skiing.

Cable car Turkey Stock Exchange

Hotels in Uludag Bursa

Agaoglu My Mountain Hotel is a 5-star Bursa hotel in Turkey, very close to the cable car and 6.2 km from Uludag National Park.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Winter hotel got good reviews in all respects.

Hotel reservation

Bove Uludag Ski and Convention Resort is a 5-star hotel, which offers a point of sale and rental of ski equipment, and is located in the ski area of ​​Uludag.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel has received great reviews on cleanliness, location, view, luxury, staff and services.

Hotel reservation

The location of the mountain on Google Map

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