Palanok Castle, also known as Mukachevo Castle among the whole of the Ukrainian people, is a historical castle located in the city of Mukachev in the western oblast state of Zakarpattia province in Ukraine
It is one of the most important tourist attractions in Ukraine, as it is one of the striking monuments in the remaining foot, which was an important fortress for the city from the enemies since the 14th century until now. Palanok Castle is located on a high volcanic hill with a height of 68 meters. Main.

Palanok Castle

The best activities in Palnok Castle in Ukraine

• One of the best things that you should do when you visit Palanok Castle, especially if you are a fan of high places, is to go up to the roof of the castle and enjoy one of the best and most comprehensive scenes that overlook the ancient city of Mukachevo, the scene will include the most prominent landmarks and attractions of the city, and it is sure This scene will become more enjoyable by sunset

Palanok Castle

• You can take a guide from the castle that helps you and guide you to get to know exciting places inside this important historical place. This guide can tell you more tales, stories and legends about building the castle and its history through the ages.

Palanok Castle

• Lovers of architecture will be on a date with a hearty meal of the famous medieval architecture, next to it being one of the oldest castles in the country, Palanok Castle is distinguished by the splendor of its unique architectural design and the engravings on its walls and the paintings above these walls deserve a close look from you

Palanok Castle

Visit times

All days of the week starting from 9:00 am until 18:00 pm.

Prices for entry tickets

Admission is free for all individuals

Hotels near Ukraine’s Palanok Castle

Palanok Hotel is located in Ukraine 3-star hotel, only 700 meters from Palanok Castle in Ukraine
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Most visitors gave this hotel a good rating and a tribute to the cleanliness of the rooms and the good handling of the staff, with negative comments about the difficulty in communicating due to the language
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Weekend Hotel is one of Ukraine’s best 4-star hotels, located just 2.2 km from Palanok Ukraine Castle
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Arab visitors gave this hotel a very good evaluation, with positive comments on the site and places designated for cars, and negative comments regarding the small size of the beds
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Palanok Castle site in Ukraine

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