Mirabell Palace is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Austria Salzburg, where Mirabell Gardens are characterized by its beauty and the splendor of its engineering design and its picturesque nature, which made it one of the most beautiful gardens in Europe.
The Mirabell Palace is a historical part of the city of Salzburg and is characterized by its engineering building that mixes italyn and French. The palace includes some statues that reflect the masterpieces of Baroque art.
It also includes a distinguished marble hall where concerts, meetings and others are held.

Mirabell Palace Salzburg

The best activities in the Mirabell Palace Salzburg

• Enter Mirabell Palace and enjoy watching the distinctive historical building, where you will find a staircase surrounded by handrails and featuring distinctive statues, the most famous of which is the statue of the angel of stairs.

Mirabell Palace is one of the most beautiful tourist sites in Salzburg

• Visiting the famous marble hall where many meetings are held, prizes and competitions are distributed, and concerts and weddings are also held.

Mirabell Palace in Salzburg

• Touring the Mirabell Gardens, enjoying the beauty of the scenic nature and exploring its entire parts, where you will find the magnificence of the design and the arrangement of flowers in a distinctive way.

Mirabell Palace in Salzburg Austria

• During your wandering within the park you will find the Pegasus Fountain and around it four statues symbolizing the elements (air, fire, land and water), which is one of the most magnificent views in the park.
You can also enjoy watching many statues that represent legendary stories and strange and beautiful shapes.

Mirabell Palace and Gardens in Salzburg

• If you are a fan of theaters and ancient arts, you can visit one of the oldest and most important theaters, which includes a group of statues of artificial creatures in marble.

Mirabell Palace Salzburg is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Austria

• After completing your tour in Mirabell Palace, you can visit the old city and tour the city and visit many tourist places in Salzburg, such as the Salzburg Museum and the Museum of Nature House in Salzburg

work hours

Everyday from 9:00 am to 16:00 pm.
Entry is free.

Hotels near Mirabell Salzburg Palace

Hotel am Mirabellplatz 4-star hotel in Salzburg is located about 200 meters from Mirabell Palace Salzburg
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The hotel is rated very good in cleanliness, comfort, location, and staff. Some visitors complained about the lack of air conditioning in most hotel rooms.
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Star Inn Hotel Premium 3 stars of the best hotels in Austria is located about 300 meters from Mirabell Palace Salzburg
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The hotel has received great reviews on cleanliness, location, rooms, services, staff.
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Mirabell Palace Salzburg website

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