Vieille Ville is considered one of the most important and oldest tourist places in Nice and its importance is due to being the town in which the first inhabitants of Nice lived and it is located at the bottom of the hill

The ancient city of Nice France

The old city of Nice is one of the tourist areas in France, where it is distinguished by its architecture that dates back to the ancient history, as it makes its streets and alleys a beautiful maze to dazzle its visitors with its colorful houses, wonderful shops, cafes and restaurants that give you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the city’s historical beauty.

Things to do in the old town

• Touring the old city with family or friends is a special experience where you can enjoy watching the historical alleys and the beauty of French architecture represented by the colorful houses and many other things.

Old town in French Nice

• You can discover many other archaeological sites located between the alleys of the old city, where you can visit the Church of Saint Martin, as well as the Palace of La Escaris, which is characterized by the splendor of its architectural design in the French style.

The old city is one of the best places for tourism in Nice, France

• If you are a fan of music and art, you can visit the Dominican Gallery and walk around inside it to see the most beautiful paintings, or visit the opera house located in the old city and attend one of the parties to enjoy French art.

The old city is one of the best tourist places in Nice, France

• In the old city, there are many gardens that you can walk around and enjoy watching the beauty of nature harmonious with the history.
• After completing your tour in the old city, you must visit one of the famous restaurants specialized in providing the finest types of seafood to eat a fine sea meal in a wonderful historical atmosphere or rest in one of the cafes to sip your favorite drink or eat delicious ice cream.

The old city of Nice is one of the best places of tourism in France

• While touring the old city and visiting the monuments in it, do not miss the opportunity to take the most beautiful photos that make your trip such a beautiful and unforgettable historical memory.

Hotels near Old Town

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Location of the old city in Nice

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