I visited Switzerland many times, and I have always been happy to visit it. But finally and for the first time I visited a tourist. Specifically, I visited Zurich, and this magnificent city opened its arms wide, and revealed its many treasures and ample beauty. Zurich is the cultural and financial capital of Switzerland, and it is the largest city, and has always been chosen the best cities in the world in terms of richness and quality of life. It overlooks Lake Zurich and the Limat River, which is in the middle of the old and modern city. Vibrant, it combines ancient history with modern architecture. Its shops are abundant in it for every taste what it desires. Zurich’s only disadvantage is that if you visit it once, you must keep the best memories from them and return them yearning.

• In the beginning of this conversation, Madam, I offer you advice that you will always remind me of: When you are in Zurich, I mean the best restaurant in it and perhaps in Switzerland, and try dishes from the creativity of the chef “Haikko Neder” who won a few international awards, the latest of which was the title “Chef of the year 2020” from “ Gott Millau. ” The Restaurant, proud of its dolder Grand Hotel, is decorated with two Michelin stars. Try a list of six or ten dishes, each chef combines great flavors in a symphony that cares for taste and eye.

Enjoy beautiful panoramic views of Zurich from two locations on the banks of the River Limmat. The first was the Lindenhof, which was the site of a palace for the German Empire in the Middle Ages. The palace was demolished in the 13th century, and it has been open to the public since then. The second is the “Polyterrasse ETH” of the University of Science and Technology and the University of Zurich, which is on the front bank and overlooks the river, lake and tall mountains. It can be reached by “Polybahn” train, on a three-minute journey, departing from Central Station. Riding “polipan” is an enjoyable experience in itself, which made it a destination for tourists, as it transports about two million people per year. From Central Station, take a stroll through the old narrow streets to explore the old city’s neighborhoods and its impressive engineering buildings.

• Savor the traditional dish “Zuri Geshnetzeltes” – steaks cooked with a cream sauce served with “Rochti” potatoes – and you will not find anything better than the one offered by the Zunfthaus Zur Waag restaurant, which is located in a historic public building. 1315 On the Munsterhof square in the old town. On the first floor of the building and in an elegant hall dating back to the nineteenth century, visitors of the restaurant enjoy the delicious traditional and modern dishes invented by the chef “Alan Konig”. In summer, it is possible to dine on the restaurant terrace in the courtyard. For special occasions or groups, the restaurant creates a beautiful “Zunfstube” lounge with its windows decorated with stained glass. After the meal, laminate on the corner of the “Munsterhof” square, where you will find “Vi Cafe”, which offers the tastiest coffee in Zurich.

• Never miss an opportunity to attend one of the Zurich festivals. Throughout the year, many traditional, musical, sports and cultural festivals open to the public are organized in the city. Including the “Zurich Danzt” dance festival between 3 and 5 May, where approximately 175 activities are held in public places with about 15 thousand visitors. As for the Zuri Fascht festival, it is the largest festival in Zurich, which takes place every three years. The city turns into a huge party during the first weekend of July. The next “Zuri Fasht” date is July 5 and 7 this year, and ends on Saturday and Sunday with fireworks displays of music.

Shopping is an opportunity not to be missed in Zurich, as Bahnhofstrasse, which runs from the main train station to Lake Zurich, is one of the most luxurious shopping streets in the world. You find the most luxurious names in fashion, jewelry and watches. If you come across a rainy day, you should head to the huge Jelmoli store, which was founded in 1833 and is spread over six floors. If you are tired of shopping, try a hot chocolate cup at the famous Sprungli Cafe, or enjoy stunning views of the lake shores. For fans of small boutiques, shopping is fun in the old city. If you walk through its narrow streets, you will encounter one after another, as well as many restaurants and cafes. As for the Zurich West neighborhood, in what was known as the industrial zone, it is also a distinctive shopping destination that caters to the lovers of fashion and modern design. I mean Einzigart shop on Josefstrasse Street for handcrafted gifts, and laminate at the Beige store to collect locally designed outfits. If your visit coincides with Zurich on the 18th and 19th of this month, go to the “Kries” area, where about 80 designers, architects and artists open their exhibitions to visitors to give them an opportunity to get first-hand knowledge of their work within the “Kreislauf 345” festival 345.

• Bring a movie on the shores of Lake Zurich in the Allianz open-air cinema. For a month starting from the eighteenth of July in which various films are shown to suit different tastes. Also, enjoy a delicious dinner, from grills and salads to Asian dishes.

Explore the city’s surroundings, and let Zurich be your starting point. The transport network in Switzerland in general, and Zurich in particular, is unparalleled in terms of hygiene and accuracy of its schedules, so the accreditation of its trains becomes a pleasure in itself, especially as it crosses you through the picturesque Swiss nature. For example, visit the Rigi Kulm summit, which is 1798 meters above sea level. Take the train from Zurich’s main station to Art Goldau (journey takes 36 minutes) and from there take the mountain train (which was the first mountain train in Europe when it was created in 1871), which climbs to the top to reach it after 39 minutes. The summit of Mount Rigi, dubbed “Queen of Mountains”, offers breathtaking views over 13 lakes. If you look to the north towards the city of Zurich, you will see the lakes “Aguirre”, “Lawers” and “Zug”, but in the northwest, you see more lakes and regions of central Switzerland, then Germany and France. Finally there are the alpine peaks crowned with snow. If hunger strikes you, head to BragGnuss, in Rigi Staffel, and try some Swiss dishes. For those who love hot spring baths, Rigi Kaltbald is an ideal stop for relaxation and tired muscles after exploration.

To explore the city, we recommend staying in a downtown hotel

During our visit, we hosted the ancient Savoy Baur en Ville Hotel, which is characterized by its ideal location, as it is located in the middle of the Bahnhofstrasse and the vibrant commercial area on the one hand, and the old city and the historic “Paradeplatz” square on the other. All of the hotel’s luxurious rooms feature elegant furniture with a classic feel, while the public areas are rich in marble and crystal chandeliers. The hotel provides personal service to its guests and hospitality, and its employees satisfy the desires of the guests with courtesy, professionalism and respect.

Useful titles for more information on the official tourism website, for tour and hotel rooms, and to purchase the travel card. You can also visit the tourism office in the main station of Zurich Swiss Airlines offers daily flights from around the world for more information and tourist programs available on the mountain “Reggae” Hotel “Savoy Power in Vail”

The Limat River is in the middle of the old and modern city
The Limat River is in the middle of the old and modern city

The city overlooks the Limat river and Lake Zurich
The city overlooks the Limat river and Lake Zurich

The Restaurant at the Dolder Grand Hotel

Chef dishes
Chef’s “Haikko Neder” dishes are a symphony that flaunts taste and eye

Lindenhof offers panoramic views to its visitors

The hanging train
“Polybahn” suspended train takes you to the “Polyterrasse ETH” overlooking the lake, river and high mountains

The ancient Zunfthaus Zur Waag

Traditional dish
The traditional “Zuri Geshnetzeltes” dish, consisting of steaks cooked with cream sauce, served with “Rochti” potatoes

Zurich is celebrated with festivals during the year
Zurich is celebrated with festivals during the year

Bahnhofstrasse is one of the most luxurious shopping streets in the world

Zurich residents and visitors enjoy outdoor movies on the shores of Lake Zurich during the summer
Zurich residents and visitors enjoy outdoor movies on the shores of Lake Zurich during the summer

Breathtaking scenes supervised by a mountain
Breathtaking scenes supervised by “Reggae” mountain

    A mountain train takes you to the top of a mountain
The mountain train takes you to the summit of Mount Reggae.

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