Parc Monceau was established in 1778 AD at the intersection of Courcelles in Paris with a total area of ​​8,2 hectares.
The park was built with exorbitant amounts to appear as a magical place renewed in the eyes of its visitors with its installations, artistic buildings, and green nature.
The park includes a small scale of the Egyptian pyramid, Romen columns, ancient miscellaneous statues, a Dutch windmill, a grotto, gothic buildings, and a pond containing tulips.
The park is unique, and it is one of the most important tourist places in France, Paris because of the English building style, and the randomness of statues and curved paths.

The portal of the Monceau park in Paris, France

Activities you can do

• You can wander inside the park to see its picturesque nature, and its unique and exotic features, which embody miniature world cultures.

The nature of the Monceau park in Paris, France

• The park includes a space that captures hearts, contains Romen columns surrounding a small pool of water, where you can take many memorial photos.

Romen columns in the Monceau park in Paris, France

• You and your children can enjoy a family picnic in the green lawns of the park, which include antique trees and many types of colorful flowers.

Hiking spaces at the Monceau Park in Paris, France

• The park also includes a vintage carousel whirlpool that your children will be happy to ride, which includes vehicles of different shapes and colors such as submarine, ship and some horses.

Children's games at the Monceau park in Paris, France

While touring the park, you can take souvenir photos alongside the miniature pyramid, which was built in the style of the famous Egyptian pyramids.

Pyramid of Monceau Park in Paris, France

• You must enjoy the bicycle tour that you can rent from the rental offices in the park, so that you can see all its features.

A bicycle tour at the Monceau Park in Paris, France

• You can eat some delicious French food and sweets in one of the park’s cafes and restaurants, or in those in the vicinity.

Monceau Park restaurants in Paris, France


Everyday from 7 in the morning until 10 in the evening.

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