The attractiveness of tourism in Dubai is based on shopping and historical and contemporary attractions in it, and it is known as the shopping capital in the Middle East, as it owns the most luxurious hotels and resorts in the Middle East level in addition to being a host of many tourist and entertainment places.

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Best hotels in Dubai

Dubai has hundreds of luxury hotels, and the visitor may be confused which one is best suited to visit, so we have collected the best Dubai hotels in all categories to satisfy all visitors, especially hotels that have received high ratings by Arab visitors .. Read more

Best hotels in Dubai

Dubai’s best markets

In this article, we will get to know the best markets of Dubai and the most famous malls in Dubai, which attract the interest of shopping lovers coming to the city of Dubai.

Naif Dubai Market

The Naif Dubai market is one of the oldest and most prestigious markets in Dubai, which was previously used as a beauty market.
Today, the market, which is one of the most famous and fun market in Dubai, includes more than 100 stores and kiosks that sell almost all types of goods.

Naif market is one of the most famous markets in Dubai

The Chinese market in Dubai

The Chinese market, or dragon market in Dubai, is a market that specializes in selling Chinese products in particular, but it includes some products from other countries.
The Chinese market is one of the largest and most important markets in Dubai and this is due to the diversity that it enjoys from clothes, shoes, and furniture, and it is considered one of the best shopping centers in Dubai .. Read more

Dubai Chinese market, one of the most famous markets in Dubai

Dubai Gold Market

It is one of the most famous shopping places in Dubai that specializes in gold, as it has more than 300 stores that sell gold, and as such is considered one of the major markets worldwide for selling gold. We recommend that you visit him as he is one of the distinctive heritage markets of Dubai … read more

The gold market is one of the most popular shopping places in Dubai that specializes in gold

Spice market

From the old Dubai markets, it is located in the Deira area next to the gold market. The market consists of many narrow corridors filled with traditional stores that sell various types of international spices, including what is known, including what is rare, what you find in the markets of other countries.

The spice market is one of the old Dubai markets

Dubai flower markets

Al-Mizhar Market is considered one of the most important markets of Dubai, which caters to all the needs of visitors, including clothing, accessories, food supplies, and many other products. This market is distinguished by its reasonable prices and the quality of its products.

Al-Mizhar markets are one of the most important markets in Dubai

Souk Madinat Jumeirah Dubai

Among the most famous Dubai heritage markets, the market offers many luxury products at affordable prices, and is famous for providing heritage gowns, traditional clothing, and handcrafted antiques, as well as containing many famous brands.

Shopping in Dubai

Gulf Shopping Center Dubai

The Gulf Center is located in Dubai in the famous Bur Dubai area. The center prevents a unique shopping experience. It is famous for providing a group of shops specialized in selling clothes, furniture and electronic devices. It is considered one of the most famous markets in Dubai.

Places to shop in Dubai

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