Lake Gregory Lake Gregory is a large lake located in the heart of the city of Nuralia, established during the period of British Governor Sir William Gregory in 1873, the lake and the surrounding area together form what is known as the Lake Gregory Park and this place attracts thousands of tourists annually as it has a remarkable biological diversity where Hundreds of beautiful wild birds live in it.

Lake Gregory Noralia Park

Many believe that it is the most tourist attraction in Sri Lanka which is attractive to tourists, since most of the visitors who were and still come here come for the purpose of calm and relaxation.
The lake is very busy during April, which is the main tourist season.

Lake Gregory Noralia

Activities you can do

• The lake is one of the best places of tourism in Noralia, in which you can spend a time of calm and relaxation away from the usual crowds of the city. You can sit on one of the seats designated for these purposes and enjoy the sun, embracing the amazing blue lake waters and lying on the green grass around it.

Lake Gregory is one of the best tourism places in Sri Lanka

• The green spaces and flowers surrounding the lake, which are known as Gregory Park, facilitate a large number of sports activities that you prefer, such as walking or running, football and other sports that you will enjoy practicing with your friends during your visit there.

    Lake Gregory is one of the best tourist places in Noralia

• During a visit to Gregory Noralia Lake, a boat rental for a water tour of the lake is not available. Your tour of this boat provides you with an integrated panoramic view of the entire region, including all the green areas surrounding the lake.

Lake Gregory is one of the best tourism destinations in Sri Lanka, Noralia

• Cafes and food stores are very popular around the lake. When you visit it, you can try and taste one of the delicious traditional Sri Lankan food or drinks or fast food, and perhaps buy fresh fruits such as pineapple and mango from vendors at low prices.
• For lovers of horses and fun, you can rent a strong horse and race with your friends along the lake and park, and enjoy an atmosphere of competition.

Lake Gregory is one of the best places to visit in Noralia

• For you and your children, you can play the games and cabarets located in the park in front of the lake and enjoy a fun enthusiastic atmosphere with your children
• Certainly, you will not miss the opportunity to take dozens of beautiful pictures of nature around you and your friends in the company of you. The quiet blue lake appears in its background, reminding you of your trip to the most important tourist attractions in Noralia.

Lake Gregory in Noralia

• After you have finished visiting Lake Gregory Park, you can visit a number of tourist places nearby, such as the Lovers Waterfall and the wonderful Victoria Park.

Lake Gregory Noralia

Lake Gregory Hotels – Greensboro

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Lake Gregory Park, site, Nuralia

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