The United Kingdom or Great Britain includes Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, and Wales
(The Republic of Ireland has an independent visa)
It was part of the European Union until the secession was voted on in June 2016 Brexit, but so far no measures have been taken regarding the exit.
Its visa application is submitted through tlscontact, whether in Alexandria or Cairo
I have it as one of the fewest applications that you can use to get a visa
Application steps:
Firstly, it is preferable that you enter on the site to learn about all the procedures and different types of visa, whether it is tourism, a family visit, or a study … etc.
Note there are two application locations, and each one has specific visa types
As for the tourism or visit visa, you will be entered on the visa4uk website and work will be done on it, and after what Emil connects you, you can definitely enter into your purchase and start the application steps
When you intervene on the Acacia converge in such and such option

If I introduce yourself to Applying for myself
Or, applying for someone else, if you make another advance from the same account
Or view my applications, if you want to access the applications that you are working with
You choose to apply for myself, it asks you to enter some basic data such as name, date of birth, passport number, travel dates and nationality – after this, you are asked to choose the type of visa that you will apply for, and click on create and enter on the app page
The application consists of 7 parts, and all parts of the application are required to complete, and everything that completes a part of it will be converted from black to green.
It is recommended that you be a preliminary hotel reservation agent, because in the application you will be asked to enter the address where you will go
After all parts of the application have been removed and reviewed very well, and confirmed that they are valid, submit

The next step after the application is to complete any declaration or commitment to the validity of the data in the application
Then open the available appointments for you and choose the appropriate date for you, whether in Cairo or in Alexandria. Taking into consideration that the Alexandria office has an increase fee of approximately $ 60, and you receive an email confirmation of the appointment and address.
After this, he will transfer you to a second page, and you will be asked to pay. Unfortunately, the problem is that online payment is the only option available to them after payment.
After that, you register on the intermediary office website
And you choose Alexandria or Cairo, and you work on the website after the email is delivered to you. Confirmation. You enter the account on your behalf, and you make a simple application with the GWF number. You sell the application, and please send a confirmation email.
After this, you print the application, sign it, and print the confirmation email, and attach the required and appropriate documents for the type of visa that is submitted to it, and that is initially:
Passports and any old passports, copies of them and all pages that contain seals and visas
A bank account statement for the 6 months that you missed, and any source of income you wrote in the application, you must provide proof of it
A letter from the employer to employees or a commercial record and a tax card for private business owners or a student registration certificate
Booked the hotel whose address you wrote in the application
(Certificate of Movements – Flight Reservation – Insurance is not required for visa), but the people in the office do not say no to any paper you present it explicitly, taking any need
Of course, any papers and documents translated into English

In a set of services, of course, its name is added value services. In the event that you are in a hurry on visa or want to keep the passport with you until the completion of the procedures, or you receive the passport with DHL, you will meet it on the site and you will pay online and you are working in the application
The day you go to the appointment, the passport and documents are received, an electronic fingerprint and a voice print are done, and the photograph is done there (they do not need personal photos) and with electronic expectation
The office does not have the job of receiving paper only
The price of the visa (6 months) is 125 dollars (Cairo office) and 190 dollars (Alexandria office)
In visas one year, two years, and up to 10 years, and for each visa it has a different price, but if the first time you apply it is preferable to apply for the (6 months) because if you ask more than this, you must prove that in a convincing reason that makes you need to travel continuously
The visa takes approximately 14 days, and after that, a message will be sent to you. The Passport is ready, either at a time you receive it yourself or through the shipping company, according to what you chose and you are working in the application.
A piece of advice like this in the fast
The application is long, and it is not a condition that you only get it all at once, but advice.
Concentration is important, and you do the application to answer questions that are repeated, but in a different format (signature system).
Do not submit to the application except when you have reviewed it more than once and have confirmed that the information is correct
If you submit an application and discover that you wrote a mistake or want to change it, if you still do not pay, do a new and old application, then it will be canceled on its own after a certain period, and if you paid, you will have to email them, so you can do a refund.
This is in the event that the wrong information is a big need … If a small need can be modified by hand in the office and expect its side
If you would like to receive a new visa in the future, you will not need to do a new account, by entering the same account that you are working on, whether on visa4uk or tlscontact

And Neji remained for our flight program after arriving to Heathrow Airport, where we have a bus station after leaving the terminal and the metro, in principle the work of the conductors Astorly Kart and we work according to the period in which we sit there with the knowledge of the card including buses … … and the metro has another shipping and the journey is about 5 pounds A and the card is approximately weekly, about 35
The hotel (THE MASTER ROBERT) in the Henslow West area
The hotel is very close to the bus station Hanslow and metro … and a place close to the metro station … If we go to the hotel this bus from the airport remains number (111 – 222 – 82) We go to the Hänslow station and from the restaurant of the Hanilo we ride the H91, so you can deal via the map According to the location of the hotel or hostel that we are staying in
The first day as a scout for the country from Ray on any trip we travel the first day we try to take advantage of in knowing what is around the hotel from where we can know the dimensions of the hotel any of the bus station or the metro on the way back
First day :
If you want to work, we tour Tor London landmarks and know the places. You can visit all the landmarks that you will see from the bus, for example … G, London … Big Ben … Buckingham Palace, I wish we will go at Buckingham Palace. Badri Ali Shan, we will see the show at 11:30 a.m. This time, the Maliki Guard will be replaced by a masterpiece … and there is also a wax museum … and the Marble Arch … and the British Museum and Oxford Street .. and the Buckdill .. and the Tiljjar Square and the River Thames. It is possible to get off at any station of the tourist bus, imagine, for example, and come back to ride again with the same ticket from stations
The bus …… Marble Arch – The Picassette – The Oxford Circus – The Hyde Park – The Piccadilly Circus
Have a working knowledge of the possibility to visit London landmarks from the tourist bus
On the second day and beyond the Tor to the London landmarks we define where we will go
We have such a first option, the first option. We can make a trip to the River Taym, or we can go to the Wax Museum, and in some times it will be in the most abundant with the Wax Museum + London, or the Wax Museum + a trip in the Thames. Accept the most on this, so it is cheaper than you cut a ticket to the Wax Museum, but
From the Marble Arch, we ride a bus to me, as I thought 74 or 30, to reach the Wax Museum … I wish we would go, because we had a very crowded place after we concluded the Wax Museum, Neji, to the Tani Museum. The Sherlock Holmes Museum is next to the Wax Museum, and of course we also have ? .. Regent’s Park is one of the needs that we really have to walk in. You will enjoy an extraordinary calm

the third day
From the cool station of Marble Station, I will take a ride to the British Museum, bus number 10 – or 98
If you want to know about the natural and scientific museum, we will ride from Edgware Road Bus No. 7
In such a museum … the British Museum is the natural museum … and the scientific … the Natural and Scientific Museum side by side along

The fourth day we enter, he stayed on Hyde Park for lovers of calm, nature and strolling in our Hyde Park … James Park and its side is a masterpiece and in front of it Royal Albert …. Even if someone will leave the journey he has children with us in the zoo with what we really would like to have with her if children with him besides the squares of course Hyde Park, after we make a visit to the places and entered, we remain on the crossroads today, can we do a very nice need? We go to the Telfjar Square, and from there to the Big Ben from the Big Ben to London, that is to say London, to Westminster Abbey, one of the oldest buildings in Europe, and the British Parliamentary Council along

The fifth day
We go to City of London, and from there to London Bridge by side of London Bridge, we can enter it, and we can look at the Bridge of London and City of London, after we finish the Westmaster Bridge, we will be in the City of London from which we get from London Bridge. The distance is too big to reach London Bridge We ride a bus to connect To London Bridge number 15, 719 or 722
It is possible to ride the metro along

the sixth day
Negi remains eating places Arab Street edgware road Eating there is permissible because the shops that are in the street this Arab Lebanese Iraqi Syrian Moroccan all nationalities will receive them in the shops
And of course, the hardwoods are with the Oxford Street, and you are also in the Marble Arch, and Westfield Mall is one of the malls that you can see.
You are in Oxford, we turn to creativity in the cheap clothes that are available in Primark. Also, there is a main bus station next to it. There is its name, Hammer Smith, on the side of it. The Primark response, and from the Hummer Asymth, can you ride a bus 10 to Perouh, and he goes on to Oxford and around it to the Piccadilly

the seventh day
Completing it for shopping in the side of Wembley Outlet Stadium and Big Keynes
And in another place it is called the markets used in London on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday
In the area of ​​Hounslow and not by the bus station, along one in one. In another one, it is called El Kara Bout, it is worth entering in pounds, because seriously, there are needs for a story that deserves that one enters to see, and I hope from the market. There are many wearable devices, any need we can expect. One of the people of the region and did not visit him when he needed something he wanted to sell it
We focus on what is good and saves on chocolate. You will tell me what I can do from any place. You will regret it. If you don’t march, ASDA hypermarket this is from the other. Even if you have to buy ASDA sweeter than any chocolate you can eat and cheap and also in offers on the chocolate there is a masterpiece, we go to ASDA if we In the center of the country we ride to Al Hamer Smith station and from Al Hamer Smith station we ride the H91 bus to the Hanslow station west and from Hanslow West We ride the bus 222 or 82 and go to the station The BELL We get off the bus We go back two steps We will go to the high street You also have cheap shops and antiques in the street text Mall on the right and also in a place in the birth And what we enter on the right does more sweet work on the important parfums, and we are in the high street, which street do we enter north of, we will find the hypermarket ……………. Enjoy

Notice the buses in each station. The number of buses that cross the station is possible. The bus that we want will go to the station that we are standing on, but it will not stop. As for this, it is not the station where we stop. We make sure before the stop at any station. Is the bus that we want to stop? Not on her

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