Lake Travis is a reservoir on the Colorado River in central Texas in the United States. This reservoir was formed in 1942 by the construction of the Mansfield Dam on the western end of Austin, Texas by the Colorado River. Lake Travis has the largest storage capacity of the seven reservoirs known as Highland Lakes, and extends about 65 miles (105 km) west of the river from Travis County in southern Burnet County to the Max Stark Dam, southwest of the Waterfalls town of Marble. The lake is used for flood control, water supply, electric power generation and recreation. Other reservoirs on the Colorado River are Lake Buchanan, Lake Inks, Lyndon Johnson Lake, Marble Falls Lake, Austin Lake, and Lady Bird Lake (Lake Town).

South Lake Travis is home to a number of exclusive and unique restaurants and shopping spots with different styles for local business owners.

Lake Travis is located 20 miles west of the bustling city of Austin, which is nestled among a group of strong hills with some recreational activities. This region is considered a relatively isolated region as the main and attractive pillar of new housing developments. Lake Travis serves as a viable option for those who wish to live in fertile land, and a beautiful natural environment.
Lake Travis has a relatively mild climate all year round. It has mild winters with low humidity levels although summer can be hot. Average rainfall is about 32.1. Temperatures range from mid-70 degrees to mid-90 degrees in the summer and 40 to 70 degrees during the winter. The average daily temperature hovers at 78 degrees, which makes the lake enjoy a lush, scenery.

Recreational uses
The lake serves as a reservoir to control major floods in the lake’s heights chain. Thus the lake level can vary greatly, which depends on the amount of rain at the source of the Colorado River basin. The lake is regarded as one of the most outdoor recreational sites, including fishing, boating, swimming, diving, hiking and camping. It is also used in the entertainment of sunbathing and swimming. This picturesque park is located near the eastern end of Lake Travis.
Lake Travis stores several fish species aimed at improving the tool for recreational fishing. Fish in Lake Travis include bass largemouth, guadalupe bass, white bass, striped bass, catfish.

Lake levels
Lake Travis is a lake with a water level of 681 feet (208 meters) above mean sea level (MSL). Above 681 feet (208 m), the lake opens flood gates under the supervision of U.S. Army engineers. The lake level reached 710.4 feet (216.5 meters) above MSL on December 25, 1991. The lowest historical level was 614.2 feet (187.2 meters) above the MSL on August 14, 1951. Severe drought in 2008-2009 led to its lowest at 626.09 feet (190.83 meters) above the MSL in November 2009. The second lowest was 615.02 feet (187.46 meters) above the MSL on November 8, 1963.
Visitors accept to enjoy the place where there are crystal clear currents with tall trees. Lake Travis is a small area that offers breathtaking beauty with relaxation. There are many nice homes, condos and lots of buildings in the communities around Lake Travis that offer great views of the lake and the mountain.

Lake Travis has a mix of urban activity and outdoor leisure possibilities. Lake Travis is located 20 miles northwest of Austin, and offers residents and visitors the delight of the great natural environment of the lake, the forest, and the hills. Lake Travis begins after the Max Stark Dam east of Marble Falls, Texas, with a 65 km stretch to the west of Travis County, northwest of Austin. The widest point on the lake reaches 4.5 miles, including 270 miles from the beach. Lake Travis is the fifth lake down a series of lake heights on the Colorado River in central Texas.

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