Amjad Al Diyafa Hotel Makkah is a 4-star Makkah hotel that offers many hotel services and vital facilities that make guests at the top of comfort, and provides wonderful views of the skyline of the city of Makkah.

It is also one of the most beautiful hotels around the campus where it can be reached within a few minutes, and in the following we will learn about the advantages of Amjad Al Diyafah Hotel through the available rooms, its location, and its prices in different tourist seasons, and others.

Its most important features Amjad Al Diyafah Hotel Makkah

The rooms and suites are characterized by simple décor, with a wardrobe, a seating area, and some kitchen appliances. There are rooms for families, facilities for the disabled.

Some services can be taken advantage of, most notably the free return round trip service, private check-in service for arrival and departure time, and room service.

There are many shops on the site of the hotel, and there is a beauty salon, business center, chapel, free parking and a safety deposit box.

Dining options

It is considered one of the finest hotels in Mecca near the 4-star Haram. The hotel offers one restaurant serving local dishes, in the form of an open buffet and a varied menu of food.

Suitable for families, it has a traditional atmosphere, and breakfast service is provided in the room, and there is a café in the hotel.

Available rooms

Studio (2 adults).

Studio (3 adults).

Studio (4 adults).

Two-bedroom suite with sofa bed (5 adults).

Prices Amjad Al Diyafah Hotel Makkah

One of the cheapest hotels in Mecca, where the prices for one night in Amjad Al Diyafah Hotel range from $ 29- $ 47 for a standard room. Prices may vary according to the tourist seasons and room types.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Give Arab visitors to the glories of hospitality good reviews through value for money, comfort, cleanliness, services, location, staff.

Hotel reservation
The rooms and suites offered by Amjad Al Diyafah Hotel Makkah are many
Amjad Al Diyafah Hotel offers many vital facilities
Amjad Al Diyafa Hotel in Makkah provides spacious luxurious meeting rooms
The glories of hospitality are distinguished by the elegant decoration

Location Amjad Al Diyafah Hotel Makkah

The hotel is located within the Al-Tayseer neighborhood in Makkah. It is characterized by the presence of a number of tourist attractions close to it.

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Hotel reservation

Hotels near The location of Amjad Al Diyafah Hotel Makkah

Grand Makkah Hotel, Al Kiswah Towers Hotel Makkah, Nawazi Hotel, Thir Makkah

What makes Amjad Al Diyafah Hotel Makkah the best choice?

Amjad Al Diyafah Hotel boasts a great location near tourist attractions, offering free transportation to the Haram, and clean rooms, with some excellent services available compared to the price, based on the Arab visitors ’reviews of the hotel.

What are the downsides of Amjad Al Diyafah Hotel Makkah that you should be aware of?

Among the negatives that Arab guests mentioned in their hotel reviews: increased parking rates, and poor Wi-Fi in the rooms.

Is there a pool in The glories of the hospitality in Mecca ?

There is no swimming pool at Amjad Al Diyafah Hotel in Makkah.

How much does it cost to stay in the glories of one-night hospitality?

The cost of staying at Amjad Al Diyafah Hotel ranges between $ 32 and $ 67 in relation to the standard room, depending on the period of the year.

Is breakfast in the glories of hospitality included in the price of the stay?

Breakfast is included in the price of the stay, according to the reservation type. This is clearly stated in the reservation details.

What is the best way to get to the Amjad Al Diyafah Hotel from the airport quickly?

The hotel provides free transportation to and from Sabiha Airport.

Is the breakfast good or bad at the glories of the hospitality in Mecca?

Most of the Arab guests praised the breakfast served by the Amjad Al Diyafa Hotel in Makkah.

Is a hotel The glories of the hospitality in Mecca Suitable for Arab families?

Amjad Al Diyafa Hotel Makkah is suitable for Gulf families and Arab families in general, as it provides large family rooms – rooms with several beds.

What is the dining experience in the glories of hospitality?

Amjad Al Diyafa has one restaurant serving local delicacies.

Are there good restaurants close to the glories of hospitality?

The glories of hospitality are close to several Arab restaurants, including Al-Hadrami Restaurant for Harissa steak and dates porridge, and Al-Jazirah Bukhari Restaurant, which are good restaurants according to the Arab reviews.

What tourist activities can be done near the location of Amjad Al Diyafa Hotel Makkah?

Near the glories of hospitality, there are a number of attractions, the most important of which are the Museum of Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Souq Al-Hijaz, and the King Abdullah Project for Zamzam Water

How far is the location of Amjad Al Diyafah Hotel Makkah from the tourist areas of Mecca?

The glories of the hospitality hotel in Mecca are about 4.1 km from the Gemayzeh region, about 5 km from the Sulaymaniyah region, while it is 9.2 km from the Rawda area.

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