Falez Hotel Antalya is one of the best 5-star hotels in Antalya. Falez Hotel is located in a privileged location in Antalya, which has a history abounding with great civilizations as well as being characterized by the picturesque nature.
The hotel has a fine sandy beach area and overlooks the Mediterranean coast directly, besides it provides a lot of facilities and recreational activities that attract visitors from everywhere.
In this report, we will get to know the most important details of the Fales Hotel Antalya and start with its most important features.

Advantages of Falez Hotel Antalya

Sirin Palac Resort Antalya has a range of attractive features, the most important of which are rooms that offer stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, mountain, pool or garden.
It also offers a number of great facilities, such as a private terrace, an outdoor furnished garden and a private beach area on the Mediterranean.
It also includes several types of swimming pools besides a jacuzzi, sauna, fitness center, spa and wellness center, massage, sauna and beauty services.
Falez Hotel Antalya provides entertainment activities such as live music, karaoke and cycling.
There are also games halls such as darts, tennis and mini golf.
The staff is fluent in four languages, the most important being Turkish, English and Arabic.

Dining options

Seren Palac Resort Antalya owns two restaurants serving delicious cuisine from international and local kitchens as well as fresh seafood as an open buffet.

Available rooms

Falez Hotel Antalya Turkey has many modern rooms equipped to give visitors a comfortable stay, they are:
Standard double or twin room, room size 28 sq.m. contains 2 single beds or 1 double bed, the room can accommodate two persons.
Deluxe double room with balcony overlooking the sea, the room area 28 square meters contains 1 single bed, the room can accommodate two people.
Standard single room, room size 28 sq.m. contains 1 single bed, the room can accommodate 1 person.
Deluxe single room, room area 28 square meters contains 1 single bed, room accommodates one person.

Prices Falez Hotel Antalya

The prices for one night in Fales Hotel Antalya during the tourist season range between $ 116 for a standard double or twin room, and $ 134 in a single standard room.
You can get low rates during off-season periods.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Falez Hotel Antalya was rated well for both comfort, staff, value for money, and location.
While some visitors complained about the low level of service and hygiene, as well as the buffet.

Falez Hotel Antalya
Falez Hotel Antalya
Falez Hotel Antalya, Turkey
Falez Resort Antalya

Location Falez Hotel Antalya

The hotel is located in the coastal city of Antalya, Turkey, where it is 15.7 km from Antalya Airport.
Close to the hotel, many attractions such as the Antalya Museum are 400 meters away.
Antalya water park is 2.5 km, Karaalioglu Park is 4 km from the hotel, and Hadrian’s Gateway is 3.3 km.

To find out more information and price details for Antalya Fales Hotel, you can visit the hotel page on the Bukking website.

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