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A report on the Global Visitors Hotel

المسافرون العرب

The Global Visitors Hotel is one of the best 3-star hotels in Madinah, located near the Prophet’s Mosque. It is also one of the Saudi hotels that features a location near restaurants and famous shopping centers, which made it the first destination for Arab visitors.
We have presented all the details that the city’s visitors want to know about Madinah International Visitors Hotel in the following report. We also map to show you the exact location of the hotel for easy access and to start with the most important features.

Its most important features Global Visitors Hotel

Enjoy the comfort of Zuwar Hotel rooms, which are equipped with the finest luxury and fully furnished furnishings, with cheerful colors, and provide family and non-smoking rooms with the availability of superior room service.
In terms of services, the world-class Zuwarat Madinah Al Munawarah Hotel offers a good package of concierge services that lasts up to 24 hours, a conesberg service, and provides business rooms for meetings and conferences.
Visitors International Hotel also provides free internet access to all parts of the hotel, parking lots near the property, and there is a transportation service for the convenience of the guests, a good treatment staff speaks English, French, Turkish, Urdu, along with the official Arabic language.

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Dining options

The Zawar International Hotel includes a restaurant serving American cuisine and varied international dishes, with buffet options and an à la carte menu, along with fresh drinks.
There is an all-day snack bar and a buffet for children, with breakfast in the room.

Available rooms

Standard twin room.
Standard Quadruple and Triple Room.
Deluxe Twin Room.
Five-member standard room.

Prices the rooms

The prices for the global visitor hotel range from 47 to 87 USD for a standard room per night.
These prices vary according to the season and the type of rooms.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Good reviews came from guests thanks to the location, staff, comfort, hygiene, and facilities.

A report on the Global Visitors Hotel - A report on the Global Visitors Hotel
A report on the Global Visitors Hotel - A report on the Global Visitors Hotel
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1581391119 868 A report on the Global Visitors Hotel - A report on the Global Visitors Hotel
1581391119 137 A report on the Global Visitors Hotel - A report on the Global Visitors Hotel

Location Global Visitors Hotel

Visitors International Hotel is 2.1 from the Prophet’s Mosque, 5.4 km from Jabal Uhud Park, 6.7 from Madinah Mall. It is 3.2 km from Sayyid Al-Shuhada Square, while Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz International Airport is 18.5 km.

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For more information about Zuwar International Hotel, you can view the hotel page on the Bukking website by clicking Read more below.

A report on the Global Visitors Hotel - A report on the Global Visitors Hotel

Hotels near Global Visitors Hotel:

Intercontinental Immigration House, City Hotel Harmony

What are the features that make the world visitors hotel the best choice? The location is in the heart of the city, specifically on 60th Street, average prices, excellent staff, proximity to the Haram. What are the disadvantages of the International Visitors Hotel that you should be aware of? Among the negatives that some guests mentioned in their hotel reviews: the hotel’s need for renovation, the lack of parking, and the tightness of rooms. Is there a pool in the global visitors hotel Madinah? There is no swimming pool in the hotel. How much does it cost to stay at the International Madinah Visitors Hotel? The cost of staying in a hotel ranges from $ 43 to $ 79 for a standard room, depending on the period of the year. Is breakfast at the Madinah Visitors Hotel included in the price of stay? Breakfast is included in the price of the stay, according to the reservation type, and this is clearly stated in the reservation details. Is the breakfast good or bad at the International Madinah Visitors Hotel? Most Arab visitors hailed the hotel’s breakfast. Is Zawar International Hotel suitable for Arab families? Zuwar International Hotel is suitable for Gulf and Arab families as it provides family rooms – kids meals. What is the best way to get to the global visitors’ hotel, Madinah, from the airport? The hotel can be easily reached from the airport and back in 22 minutes via King Salman Road and King Abdulaziz Road. What is the dining experience at Zawar International Hotel Madinah? The hotel has one restaurant that serves international cuisine as a buffet and menu. Are there good restaurants close to Zuwar International Hotel? The hotel is close to several restaurants that have good reviews from Arab visitors such as Zaman Restaurant, Al Ansari Cafeteria, Al Qadeer Restaurant, and Bafagih Restaurant. What tourist activities can be done near the global visitors hotel in Medina? The hotel is close to several attractions, the most important of which are the Noble Sanctuary, Mazaya Mall, Al Noor Mall, Jabal Uhud Park. Also, the city’s global visitors hotel is away from the tourist areas in the city? The hotel is 4 minutes by car from the Prophet’s Mosque, 6 minutes from Mazaya Mall, 10 minutes from Al Noor Mall and Mount Uhud Park.

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