A report on the Hilton Madinah Hotel

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The Hilton Madinah Hotel is one of the best 5-star Madinah hotels, and the hotel is located at the doorstep of the Noble Sanctuary.
The hotel offers stunning views within rooms with distinctive designs, designed in Art Deco style, with all modern amenities, making it one of the most luxurious hotels in the city.
Below is our detailed report on the hotel, which will include some important details and information about its features, facilities and services.

The most important features offered by the Hilton Madinah Hotel

The hotel has a relaxing atmosphere and luxurious decor to make the residents feel the luxury of stay, in addition to providing comprehensive and complete facilities and services.
The Madinah Hilton provides a concierge service throughout the day, and has multilingual staff to assist clients and fulfill all their needs.
The Madinah Hilton Hotel also provides distinguished services to create a suitable environment for businessmen, and pays special attention to families and children.

Dining options at the Madinah Hilton

The hotel offers upscale international, Arabic and local cuisine as part of sessions enjoying wonderful city views in Marmara Restaurant.
The hotel also offers a daily breakfast buffet in the Medina restaurant, and customers can relax a little for their morning coffee at Najd Café.
Madinah Hilton provides around-the-clock room service from à la carte menus that have been carefully prepared to ensure all desires are met.

Available rooms

The Madinah Hilton offers a wide range of accommodations, including:
Deluxe King Room.
Deluxe Twin Room.
Hilton King Place room.
Hilton Plus Twin Room.
Hilton King Rooms.
Junior Suite with Twin Bed.
Deluxe Triple Room.
Junior suite partially overlooking the sanctuary.
the Royal Suite.
A single room.

Prices Hilton Madinah Hotel

Standard room rates for one night in the hotel range from $ 140 to $ 1539, and rates vary according to the season and variation of room types.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The Madinah Hilton Madinah hotel has received very good reviews in all respects, especially in terms of location, staff, hygiene, food, room size, and services provided.
It is considered one of the best five-star hotels in Medina

A report on the Hilton Madinah Hotel - A report on the Hilton Madinah Hotel
A report on the Hilton Madinah Hotel 7
A report on the Hilton Madinah Hotel - A report on the Hilton Madinah Hotel
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The location of the Hilton Madinah Hotel

The hotel is 1.5 kilometers from the Noble Sanctuary, 3.2 kilometers from the Hijaz Railway Museum, and 7.4 kilometers from the Al-Rashid Mega Mall.

For more details about the features and services of the Hilton Madinah Hotel and some of their price offers, please visit the hotel page on the Bukking website.

A report on the Hilton Madinah Hotel - A report on the Hilton Madinah Hotel
A report on the Hilton Madinah Hotel 8

Hotels near Hilton Madinah:

Royal Inn Madinah, Al Saha Hotel Madinah, Shaza Al Madinah Hotel

What makes Hilton City the best choice? Wonderful designs, spacious clean rooms, privileged location in the city center, proximity to the sanctuary, and multiple accommodation options. What are the downsides of Hilton City that you should be aware of? Among the negatives that guests have mentioned in their hotel reviews: limited parking. Is there a pool at the Madinah Hilton? There are no swimming pools in the hotel. How much does it cost to stay in Hilton Madinah for one night? The cost of accommodations in the Hilton Madinah ranges between $ 136 and $ 197 for a standard room, depending on the period of the year. Is breakfast at the Hilton Madinah hotel included in the price of the stay? Breakfast is included in the price of the stay, according to the reservation type. This is clearly stated in the reservation details. Is the breakfast good or bad at the Hilton Madinah Hotel? Most of the Arab guests hailed the Iftar served by the Madinah Hilton Hotel Is Hilton Madinah suitable for Arab families? The hotel is suitable for Arab and Gulf families as it provides family rooms – family suites – television networks for children – kids meals. What is the best way to get to Hilton City from the airport quickly? You can reach the Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz International Airport in 25 minutes via King Abdulaziz Road and King Salman Road. What is the dining experience at the Madinah Hilton? The hotel has 2 restaurants serving international cuisine as an open buffet. Are there good restaurants near the Madinah Hilton? The hotel is close to several well-rated restaurants, including Hardee’s, KFC, Arabesque, Gulf Buffet, Al Faris Bukhari Rice, and Al Burooj Restaurant. What sightseeing activities can be done near the Hilton Madinah? There are many attractions near the hotel, the most important of which are the Prophet’s Mosque, Mazaya Mall, Al Noor Mall, and Uhud Mountain Park. How far is the Hilton Madinah Hotel from the city’s attractions? The hotel is 3 minutes away from the Prophet’s Mosque by car, and the advantages of the Mall are 6 minutes, while it is 11 minutes away from Al Noor Mall, and 10 minutes away from Mount Uhud Garden.

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