There are countless floating markets all over Bangkok while we will talk about this topic about the most famous floating markets which is Damnoen Saduak Market.
Information about Damnoen Saduak Market
Damnoen Saduak Market is one of the most famous floating markets in Bangkok, which traders accept in these live markets with paddle along crowded channels in boats loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables to sell to shoppers. There are many common bargains about the price to reach a price for sale. This large and popular floating market is about 100 km southwest of Bangkok in the Ratchaburi area. This vibrant market includes many small boats loaded with colorful fruits and vegetables to which many visitors are welcome, and Thai women wear bamboo hats.
Damnoen Saduak Market also provides local farmers with sufficient water for agricultural purposes. A number of channels were dug for communication with local farmers to get water to splatter their lands.

Market products
The floating market is routinely crowded with hundreds of sellers and buyers floating on small rowing boats from buying and selling local agricultural and food products, which mostly brought from their neighboring orchards. Hence, it is a very attractive place for tourists to see this old fashioned traditional way of buying and selling goods.
Around this area, sightseeing is available along the small channels branching from Damnoen Saduak Channel for cruise services on the boat. Visitors can do Thai monitoring of both traditional homes the way we live as well as savor tropical fruits, local food and refreshing drinks along the waterway.

Bangkok, Thailand
work hours
Daily: 6 am to noon
How to get there
There are bus services to Damnoen Saduak from South Bus Station on Borommarat Chachonnani Road.
The market starts at 6:00 am to get the best products and to escape from the large crowd of visitors early.
Public transport buses from Bangkok to Damnoen Saduak
There are public buses from Bangkok south of the bus station to Damnoen Saduak every 40 minutes from 06:00. The bus fare is about 50 baht per way.
Taxi from Bangkok to Damnoen Saduak
You can rent a taxi from Bangkok for a half-day trip to Damnoen Saduak Market – you will need to negotiate seriously at the price.

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