Austria is distinguished by the fact that it contains many different civilizational landmarks, which are famously from the famous Lake Atheresee, which is located in the Salz-Kamerget region in the heart of the Austrian state, as it is a famous tourist attraction that many tourists visit, especially everyone who loves water sports, where many can be practiced Of the water sports in it and the Austrian state’s fame is not limited to this lake only, but it is famous for many different landmarks as well, it depends on its famous tourist climate, which is moderate most of the days of the year and tends to cool slightly, and this famous federal country knows that despiteIts occurrence in the middle and middle of the European continent, which led to it not containing any marine or oceanic coast, and on the side is the tourist city of Vienna, which is known as the largest tourist state in the region and the most important. There are also eight other states that enjoy the same distinctive and picturesque natural beauty. They have a lot of areas for rest and relaxation, as the state of Austria is one of the countries most famous for its abundance of money as it is one of the richest European countries in the region due to its dependence on internal and external tourism in it, but despite all this, a lake Atherci is considered one AD The most important natural and tourist attractions that are held by many wonderful events that we will talk about today,

As we mentioned, Lake Atherci is located in the famous Salz-Kamerget region within Austria, and this lake is considered one of the largest and largest water lakes in Austria and in the entire Central European continent as it is located on a plot of land with an area of ​​about forty-five kilometers Square as it flocks to many tourists due to the nature of its tourism climate as it enjoys steady winds that allow the practice of many different games and water sports where the clean water in it helps in this and this lake includes hosting many fun sailing competitions, and it is worth It is also mentioned that this lake can be visited in the summer, spring, and fall semesters, but it is difficult to visit in the winter due to the very cold and low temperatures in the place, but this lake rarely freezes, as according to documents and statistics it is the last time This lake was subjected to freezing in the winter of the beginning of the fourth decade of the last century, and it was used by tourists that that is used in skiing in it, but it is currently not practicable because the lake is not completely frozen.

It is worth noting that this lake has around it several distinct natural areas around it, as it is one of the most important of these areas that it borders it on the southeastern side. There is the tourist hollenberg mountain, which has a length of about one thousand and eight hundred meters approximately. Southwest, there is the Schaff Berg Mountain Tourist, which is also known as Jabal Al-Kharaf and has a length of about one thousand and seven hundred and eighty two meters, and one of the most important water sport activities in it is swimming, diving, snorkeling and watching the most beautiful scenery in The bottom of the lake plus it is possible to gently go fishing Several fishermen where they can catch many different fish species, the most important brown trout, and the thickness of cranes and fish is also famous white.

And this lake is distinguished by being close to many picturesque areas that overlook it where I am close to Maria Etheresi Church as it is a distinctive church and has a picturesque appearance where many tourists flock to perform the Hajj pilgrimage to them as it is considered the home of celebrations and events Religious, and at the entrance gate to the church there is a large memorial, which commemorates the lives of soldiers, as it is a large stone on which the names of soldiers and army officers were all written and participated in and martyred in the First and Second World War, and this memorial was built in the year 1926 AD.

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