This volcano is the only volcanic mountain whose summit can be reached by car, and this volcanic mountain rises 1835 meters above the surface of the volcano. This volcano has erupted more than once, but its last eruption was in 1983.

Volcanic mountain description
Tankopan Braho Volcano is a popular tourist attraction where tourists can reach the edge of the crater on foot or by car to see the hot springs and boil the soil up close. The distance from the bottom of the mountain to the top of the volcano is about 4 km, and the top of the volcano is rocks covered with sulfur and water. On a way to the top of the mountain, you will find many dense trees that surround the mountain, and once you reach the volcano on the top, you will see a breathtaking view captivating the eye to the crater where the fumes from the interior rise and the beauty of the scene increases with the temperature tilted to the cold, and perhaps the mist turns Between you and see the scene well.

Then you can go down from the top of the mountain into the crater by paving a ladder slash in the woods, but remember that you must wear comfortable athletic shoes and be sufficient enough to be able to go down this distance, as the journey of descent takes only about an hour. While going down, you will enjoy seeing the crater as well as the green forests that surround the mountain. There are a lot of people who take the road in reverse, that is, they enter the volcano from the bottom first and then go up to the volcano through the stairs in the forest.

There are some cracks in the mountain from which water may reach a temperature of boiling point, and it will fly randomly, and the locals will boil eggs on the steam of this water. There is also a mud lake in the mountain, and according to the people of Medina, this sulfur clay is very useful for feet. After visiting the volcano, you can head to the “Cheatre” hot water, which can be reached from the sprawling tea plantations on the edge, as well as visit the capital of pineapple.
Inside the volcano, do not worry about the road, there are indicative panels that warn of the need not to approach and these panels are written in more than one language, and there are many tour guides spread among them who speak English or Arabic, and you can use them to accompany you to go down the crater through the woods . They will provide a complete explanation of the region from its history and geography, and their wages will start from 70,000 rupees, or about 30 Saudi riyals.

Facilities available in the area
There are many street vendors in the area, and there is a popular market selling exquisite wood carvings, colorful volcanic rocks, and a number of popular restaurants serving Indonesian dishes. There are also some stores that sell women’s bags, hats and napkin boxes made of rabbit fur that Bandung is famous for, as well as children’s play stores and small shops for souvenirs.

Activities that can be done inside the mountain
Relaxing at one of the sulfur hot springs abundant in the area.
There are some people specializing in the massage with mud and sulfur water to get rid of some diseases that affect people with age.
– Take memorial photos beside the fog coming from the volcano.

Buy some eggs from the shops located in the place and boil them at one of the hot springs by putting them in the water for a few minutes.

Entry prices
250 thousand rupees, or approximately 100 Saudi riyals, includes the car to reach the crater.

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