Dubai is one of the best shopping cities in the Emirates, as it contains a lot of markets and countless commercial centers, and the Chinese market in Dubai Dragon Mart Complex is one of the largest and most important commercial markets in it, it provides you with the best services, products with high quality and excellent prices This market specializes in selling various Chinese products, you will find all the Chinese products that you need at the cheapest prices, and you are also allowed to bargain on the price and get the best prices that suit your potential. Especially the market offers Chinese products, but you will find the products of other countries, and the market is a source Provides the needs of the Gulf families with food and clothes. They are provided with everything they need until the next visit to Dubai. You can take your need of spices, saffron, incense, perfumes and Chinese clothes in high quality at a quarter of the price, which is found in Saudi Arabia, for example, but the Chinese market in Dubai is the source of most Saudi merchants in all the shops there. Perhaps you will be amazed at the difference in price, but just don’t bother shopping enough for 6 months or a year and save your budget.

Dubai Chinese Market (Dragon)

The Chinese market in Dubai is called the Dragon Market and it is one of the largest and most famous commercial centers in Dubai. It was opened in 2004 to offer the best prices without competition, and you can know that the Chinese market or the Dragon Market is supplying all Chinese products to the Middle East and North Africa markets i.e. This market is a distribution station, so traders are provided with the best services in order to meet the needs of large markets. The length of the first section of the Chinese market is about 1,2 km2 and the entire market is divided into 7 sections in the form of a dragon, which is the main reason for calling it this name, which is “market Dragon ”, each section offers a variety of For high-quality facilities and services for visitors and merchants alike, it currently has more than 3,950 stores offering a wide range of goods and products including home appliances, office appliances, communications equipment, audio, lamps, household appliances, fire equipment, children’s toys, machines, all kinds of clothes, textiles, shoes, and general merchandise. The market was built in 2002 and then opened in 2004 and has become one of the most famous markets in Dubai and the whole world, and the market receives more than 25,000 visitors every day i.e. 19 million visitors a year. The Chinese market is also distinguished by its distinguished strategic location as it contains On more than 2500 parking lots in addition to 8 fully equipped warehouses, there are many residential homes around the market, numbering about 25 houses, just 200 meters from the main complex, which makes tourists take these homes to them so that they can easily visit the Chinese market. And enjoy a great shopping experience at the best prices.

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The other part of the market includes a hypermarket, cinemas and many famous restaurants. This part also provides many opportunities that suit retailers, hotels and thriving restaurants to take advantage of this unique development. The cinema contains 9 high-quality displays, and a dedicated dining hall And drinks of all kinds, and you can choose to dine outdoors also with family and friends. The car park in this market consists of several floors that can accommodate a large number of cars.It is truly one of the tourist markets that is worth a visit as tourists and locals also find it a special pleasure thanks to the wonderful products it contains and prices that are suitable for everyone. This market is considered one of the largest places specialized in Chinese trade outside China, and the market will take more than one visit to get to know all As one of the huge markets with attractive eastern appearance, you will find it noisy, energetic and full of visitors from all places. It contains nearly 4000 booths to sell different Chinese products, and people visit it every day, especially on weekends.The market also contains very old and beautiful stores with some wonderful products, old mirrors and all types of carpets, as well as places for sitting and rest and carts for children, has been expanded to another part of this market with an area of ​​about 175,000 square meters, and includes products for all wholesalers and retailers and the 3 hotels Nojoom, a two-storey property that also has a lot of shops.

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Map of the location of the Chinese market in Dubai

Aerial photo of the Chinese market:


The market is located 30 minutes from Dubai International Airport and 30 minutes from Jebel Ali Port, and it is located on the Emirates Road set by the government of the United Arab Emirates in order to connect the seven Emirates to each other.

Working time in the Chinese market in Dubai

Friday, 10 p.m., 11:00 p.m., 10 p.m. Sunday, 10 p.m., 10 p.m., 10 p.m. Tuesday, 10 p.m., 10 p.m., 10 p.m., 10 p.m. 10 p.m. One day coincides with a national holiday in the UAE, and therefore the market is closed, so you should check Google Maps in the following paragraph.

The location of the Chinese market in Dubai in Google Maps:

You can send the Chinese market website to your phone via this map.

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