When you stroll around your cars in the largest city of dream cities, Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, you will find a giant like the mountain standing tall among the famous towers in the Emirates, and although it remains a whole year until its opening, but it caught the attention of its huge structure, it is the Museum of the Future in Dubai.
The structure of the museum is made of stainless steel, and it carries Arabic words decorating its flanks. As for the interior design plans, there is no embarrassment. It is a majestic masterpiece that stands in the center of the city of dreams. The building, which holds a “LEED” certificate, will extend its energy from a solar power station, and it will save Electric vehicle charging facilities.

Dubai Future Museum

Apart from the structure, the museum is set up on the initiative of Dubai Future Foundation, led by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the Emirates Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai, in an attempt to penetrate all areas from climate change to the field of medicine, and to serve as a basis for exploring the greatest challenges and technologies centered Around the future, in addition to being a center for innovation and testing emerging technologies.
“We want to find answers to questions like: How can people live on a space station orbiting near Earth? How can we respond to the collapse of the ecosystem? How can we focus on wellness and emotional health in the future? ”, In those words, by Larth Carlson, the museum’s executive director, about the nature of the museum’s work when it opened.

Closed museums

Carlson stressed that he is against the idea of ​​closed museums on the exhibits and seeing them from behind the glass, pointing out that the Museum of the Future will be an adventure in itself and will witness the existence of theater experiences more than a traditional museum.
“His technical requirements made him the most ambitious project,” said Sean Killa, president of Architectural Engineering Kela Design, of the Museum of the Future, explaining that his company used advanced tools to plan the curved structure consisting of thousands of interlocking steel triangles.

Kila revealed a unique matter, as the museum’s façade system, of structure, windows, insulation and water resistance, operates according to one system, which is something that has no parallel in the world, saying: “The museum is able to be one of the icons of the world.”

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