Tourism in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the administrative capital of the Netherlands, and it has a strong and dynamic tourism sector. After the 1960s, the city began attracting millions of visitors, tourists of different ages, and countries around the world, thanks to its many landmarks and tourist places. Attractive, cultural centers, places of entertainment, amusement, and many others, this sector (tourism) has contributed to supporting the city’s economy, and the advancement of its various main sectors, especially the services sector.

The most important sights in Amsterdam

The Dutch city of Amsterdam abounds in many places, attractions, and attractive, and the following are mentioned for the most important:

Water channels

In the city center of Amsterdam there is a system consisting of four water channels that were created by the city municipality during the seventeenth century AD, or Renaissance, with the aim of regulating the movement of water and encouraging trade.

Amsterdam Civil Museum

The Amsterdam Civil Museum is considered one of the most important art museums in the world; it contains within it a large number of rare historical artifacts, and works of art belonging to the most famous international artists, such as: painter Gogh, and artist Malevich.

Fondel Park

The Vondel Park is considered the most beautiful and famous park in the city of Amsterdam; it includes many picnic areas, playgrounds, cafes, restaurants, and an open-air theater.

Anne Frank House

Anne Frank Huis is considered one of the museums in the Dutch city of Amsterdam, where he previously represented the residence of a character named Ann Frank, and today it is a museum open to visitors and tourists to the city, as it displays many objects, writings inside , And memories of Anne Frank.

New Adam Tower

The new Adam Tower is made up of twenty-two floors, and allows visitors, and tourists from the city of Amsterdam the opportunity; to see the wonderful views of the city from above, and fans of adventures can ride the swing suspended at the top, and enjoy the time there.

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