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Vialand Games City

Vialand games city is one of the places that can be visited with children in Istanbul, as it contains more than 24 different riding games, starting with rotating wheel games and ending with safari tunnels, and Vialand games city is a favorite place for holding festive parties A birthday for children, apart from the presence of cinemas, restaurants and souvenir shops.

Istanbul Aquarium

Istanbul fish tank is considered one of the largest basins in the world, and it contains thousands of marine life types, and it is characterized by the presence of rainforests in it, which occupies 1000 square meters of its area, and on the other hand, there are 64 tanks in the fish tank, through which visitors see all forms The marine is available, apart from a corridor for walking over a distance of 1.2 kilometers, in addition to the presence of many gift shops, restaurants available on site, and a 5d movie theater.

Ttalia Entertainment City

The Entertainment City is one of the family entertainment centers in Istanbul, which takes the form of a domed structure, made of iron and glass, and provides its visitors with great services, as its halls include two floors of shops, cafes, and several restaurants, in addition to other family services.

Other entertainment cities in Istanbul

There are many entertainment cities in Istanbul. Examples include the following:

  • Sea Life Aquarium, the largest habitat of sharks in Europe.
  • Legoland, an indoor theme park suitable for children from 3-10 years old, contains LEGO® interior pieces for building and creativity.
  • Jurassic Land, the largest dinosaur park in Europe, combines fun and learning at the same time.
  • The Toy Museum, which was founded by a famous poet and novelist.
  • Miniaturk Theme Museum and Garden, through which you can see miniatures of some popular sites.

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