Anime City / Habara (in Japanese: 秋葉原) is the name for an area in Tokyo that is also known as Akihabara Electric City 秋葉原 電 気 街. Japanese word Akihabara stands for Akiba. It is only a 5-minute train ride from Tokyo Station.

What is the anime city / Akihabara

Akihabara is the largest city with the best electronic equipment, especially anime. It is for all fans of anime and electronic games.

Akihabara city history

Akihabara was known in the past as a city for selling scrap, and then developed into an electrical city with home appliances stores, but in the nineties the region welcomed the era of proliferation of computers to be reborn as a computer city, and there are parts and accessories for electronics and computers. It is even said, “If you go to Lakhpia (Akihabara) you can collect anything,” and thus Akihabara has evolved into a city frequented by otaku.
Akihabara was originally outside the gate of the Sujikai-gomon (now known as the Manseh Bridge) which was once a gateway to Addo, as it was entering from the northern Lido and northwest Lido. Many poor traders, manufacturers and samurai lived throughout the time.
Akihabara city is also known as the anime paradise, there are about half of the otaku in Japan and tourists go to that city, as it has very large complexes for anime and manga fans.

Places in Akihabara dedicated to anime and manga games

Radio kaikan
And this region is famous in Akihabara, which includes 30 stores selling electronic games and other products related to the anime, there are also some famous stores such as K_books and Volks that sell all kinds of manga and anime movies and statues as well.

This place sells all kinds of anime and manga, and dubbed discs. It also sells stationery to schools and others in the form of anime, such as: anime bags and pens. Everything is there for the anime.

It is the largest store in the anime and manga world, and it is a great place to get rare manga, statues, dolls, games, etc., and it is the best place for people who want to get to know a new and unique manga.

Maid cafes
The Maids Café, a café where female employees dressed as French maids, food and play are served with clients and talking to them in a very respectable manner that prepares clients that they are the masters of the home, and in the home cafe also provides English speaking maids, and these cafes are very popular with men and women.

The importance of the anime city

This city is the most suitable place for otaku, as it possesses all the manga and anime that they want to see and read, in addition to the many games and specialized in anime, this city is a world of anime fans, in Akihabara their wishes and demands to find anime, movies and manga are combined Unlimited.
Kihabara is also located in Tokyo, and everyone knows that Japan is the one that manufactures and provides anime as programs, so it is only natural that there is a city specialized in anime and games for young and old.

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