The dry season in Manila starts from December and continues to May, and the rainy season starts from June to November, so the period between December and February is one of the best times to visit the capital, Manila.
This town consists of several small towns, each with a personality and character that distinguishes it, such as Quezon City, Makati, Bonifacio and other towns.

There are a few things that a traveler should consider:
1- Wearing precious jewelry in crowded places: The traveler to Manila must not wear expensive jewelry, especially if he intends to go to crowded shopping centers because it is full of theft crimes.
Also, congestion in some places in Manila may expose you to lose some of your papers, such as your passport, wallet, or jewelry, so you should not go out with anything that you fear to lose in crowded places, and you can keep your belongings in the cash belt that wraps the waist, as it may provide you with some security.
2- Engaging in a long conversation with strangers: The conversation with strangers varies from one reason to another. If you are talking with your guide or your private guide, there is no objection to that, but the problem with talking to people you do not know may lead to your distraction and at the same time another person may come And he pulls your bag which is next to it and it is one of the types of theft spread in Manila, so you should pay attention to that and you must be vigilant about your bag and property and not be distracted from it.
3- Drinking water from the tap: Water in the city of Manila may not be suitable for drinking. Therefore, you should not drink water from the tap and prefer to drink mineral water that is sold in stores. We also advise you not to drink juices that are sold in stores because they do not care about adequate hygiene of these juices as well Insecure tap water is included in its preparation.
4- Use of automated teller machines in dark places: You should not use automated teller machines in dark places with light lighting or in remote areas. It is safe to use automated teller machines in shopping centers and trusted places.
5- Late arrival at Ninoy Aquino Airport: The traffic in Manila is bad enough in the city of Manila and it is one of the busiest areas in the world so you must take this into account when it is linked to the date of a plane or train or other to skip going late About your appointment.
Also, you should pay close attention when passing through the streets because it is very crowded, especially during peak hours, as it witnesses the movement of many cars and public transportation, especially in the time between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. as well as in the times between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. it is one of the most peak times.
6- Paying the bills with the coins in the different shops: When you buy from one of the shops located in Manila, you must have enough different metal and cash coins from the small classes and not from the big categories, because the owners of the shops in the small stores do not always have The rest of the amount and they force you to buy other goods, so all groups must be with you in order not to be exposed to such a situation.

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