Mexico’s ancient charm is mixed with contrasting natural wonders on the beautiful beaches of Cabo San Lucas, where majestic mountain slopes take us to the desert to find ourselves in front of the end of the earth at the southern end of the Baja California Peninsula.
The region tells the story of two Mexican cities, Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, which are located on the edge of the Mexican Baja Peninsula, and have been transformed from colonial villages into a wonderful cultural spot full of galleries and elegant shops.

A 20-mile long tourist path separates the two cities, and a group of enchanting resorts scatter the edges of the beach. Pure water mixes with white sand beaches that welcome adventure lovers to perform various fun activities such as rock climbing, diving with dolphins, and boating in deep sea alongside the gentle whales.

In addition to the amazing activities, Cabo Lucas offers 15 golf courses, along with restaurants, cafes, and fishing trips on a global level, making it a popular destination for celebrities. The “Cabo Pulmo National Park” has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1995 due to the diversity and importance of marine species that inhabit crystal water and large coral reefs that are around 25,000 years old. The park provides the opportunity to swim with turtles and discover coral reefs filled with colorful fish that She lives in the red and orange depths.

Cabo San Lucas is characterized by the experience of free fall with a bungee wire from 330 feet above the Tulle Valley, in addition to a glass-based cable car over a mix of yellow desert plains, up to the experience of walking over the longest suspension bridge in the world.
The Sea of ​​Cortez is one of the most diverse areas in the world and was included on the list of UNESCO in 2005, it is possible to dive to the depths of the blue sea and approach the rock formations that make up the golden arc, and couples can enjoy staying on the beach of love and discover the picturesque nature that surrounds the place, as the beaches A warm place for sea lions, gray whales, and orchids that migrate from the North Pole to the region.

Cabo San Lucas can be visited all year round thanks to the pleasant desert weather, but the peak tourist season extends from December to April when the weather is cooler, and the time is right to see the whales. Spring and autumn are characterized by moderate heat and some gentle rain, while June, July and August are the hottest months.

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