Cafés in Heidelberg .. Heidelberg is one of Germany’s cities, located in southwestern Germany, in the state of Baden-Württemberg, traversed by the Neckar River before it continues its course and flows into Mannheim. Delicious … So come with me to get to know the most famous cafes in Heidelberg:

Cafés in Heidelberg

Cafe Extrablatt

Cafe Extrablatt is a cafeteria located in Hauptstrasse established in 2003, loved by foreign tourists, the café offers a wide range of breakfast options to satisfy all nationalities and tastes, from italyn breakfast cappuccino coffee, small bread, tomatoes with mozzarella cheese and olives, to American breakfast eggs, sausages Small, ketchup, mini-baking, and much more. Beverages vary in the café, with hot hot drinks such as coffee, cappuccino, and fresh juices. Cafe Extrablatt - Cafés in HeidelbergCafe Extrablatt – Cafés in Heidelberg

Café river

River Café is one of the best cafes in Heidelberg, the cafe is located in Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, when you visit him you will enjoy the best drinks such as coffee, cappuccino, tea, and juices, this of course with the availability of breakfast meals consisting of appetizers and various river - Cafés in Heidelbergcafe river – Cafés in Heidelberg

Cafe Gundel Heidelberg

The gundel café is one of the best cafes in Heidelberg, the café is famous for the best desserts of delicious cakes with the best drinks, when you visit him do not forget to taste his desserts, delicious bread while you eat your delicious coffee, you find the cafe on the Hauptstrt212 street, Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, gundel heidelberg - Cafés in Heidelberg

Coffee nerd

The Nerd Café is one of the best cafes in Heidelberg, Germany, and the cafe is considered one of the excellent cafes with the testimony of its visitors. You miss, you find a cafe on a street
Rohrbacher Str9, Heidelberg. coffee nerd - Heidelberg Caféscoffee nerd – Heidelberg Cafés

Starbucks Coffee House

Starbucks Café is a wonderful café with its windows and archaeological chandeliers when you enter it you feel the luxury in which you can enjoy the wonderful atmosphere with the availability of Wi-Fi and you can see the city when you sit in it it is located in the old city Hauptstr137 Heidelberg When you visit it you will enjoy the beautiful views, friendly service, delicious coffee, snacks .starbucks coffee house - Cafés in Heidelberg Heidelbergstarbucks coffee house – Cafés in Heidelberg Heidelberg

Cafe Frisch

The café is located on a street, 34jahnstr Heidelberg, Cafe Frisch is a café in Heidelberg, where you can enjoy exotic drinks such as coffee, delicious tea, with fresh fruit juices, this of course with delicious cakes and desserts.

Café wema

Café café wema is one of the cafes in Heidelberg. The café is located on 79 Bergheimer Str Heidelberg. The café offers delicious coffee with good cakes and baked goods.

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