France contains many attractions that excel Paris in romance, beauty, and an unforgettable luxury experience.

France in general is expensive and enjoying all that it requires requires sums of money. And when the money is available, the experiences that can be taken are innumerable.
Areas loved by the wealthy
Forget it

A small town just below the Alps, it is a destination for wealthy tourists because it provides them with beauty and tranquility, as well as close to luxury ski resorts. Added to this is the fact that it includes many luxury apartments that provide them with luxurious accommodations.

Located on the banks of the Loire River, it has attracted centuries-old artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci who lived there for 3 years.


The city of celebrities and the wealthy. It is located in the Alsace region and includes the most beautiful scenery. It is also known for its very tasty dishes.

A coastal city in the Brittany region, northwest France, it is an ideal destination for sea lovers. It is known to provide the finest and best seafood meals, as it has a picturesque nature.


A town in the southeastern Vaucluse region. Known for its ancient history and delicious dishes. A tourist looking for a full French experience will definitely not be disappointed. Of course, fine meals can be enjoyed in the Michelin-starred Christian Etienne restaurant.

It was

It is located in the south near Nice and it is the first tourist destination for the wealthy. In “Cannes” there is a lot to do. Antibes Street is the best place to shop, while Croisette Street includes the most famous and luxurious hotels … Of course there is the Palace of Festivals where the Cannes Festival is taking place, the Yacht Port and the Carleton Palace.

Monte Carlo

One of the administrative regions in the Principality of Monaco, and it is one of the most luxurious tourist regions in the world. Known for its luxurious life, luxury hotels, exclusive restaurants, and stores selling the finest clothing and jewelery.


France’s third largest city is a popular destination for tourists who feel like spending a lot of money shopping. The most luxurious stores and the finest brands can be found there, and of course there are luxury hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants.


Nice is ideal for those looking for a pure French experience and for those who want to stay in hotels that exude luxury. The city is known for containing a very large number of luxury and prestigious hotels.


Of course, the capital, the city of lights and romance, is among the options of the wealthy. The city contains everything luxurious and luxurious and therefore it is the first choice for the majority of the wealthy around the world.
Private jets

Air transportation from one region to another within France is available by the most luxurious means. There are many companies that can hire private planes, such as Air France, Cote d’Azur, and Luna Gates.

Luxury cars

In the event that the intention was not to fly by air, you can always use the “traditional” method, move by road, enjoy a drive or tour with a driver in the most luxurious cars.

Otto Europe is one of the companies that owns a fleet of luxury cars in different regions of France. And you can choose from Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley and others.
Elite Rent A Car also has its many options that include Audi, Ferrari, BMW and others.
IA Rent Cars includes luxury cars, sports cars and other SUV options that suit all regions of France.
.. and yachts

After navigating by land and air, it is time to move by sea and more luxurious yachts. Regardless of the purpose, there is something that meets your needs and desires. 212 YATS is from a company that has an excellent reputation and provides you with everything you need. The same applies to Silver Yating and IYC.
The most luxurious hotels
Plaza Athenee Hotel

This hotel is located in Paris on Avenue Montaigne and offers great views of the Eiffel Tower. It is also distinguished from other hotels as it includes the Dior Institute spa, which provides you with luxurious indulgence and comfort beyond description.

Le Choiseul Hotel

One of the hotels dating back to the sixteenth century, located in Amboza. In fact, it is a palace of 4 buildings that contains everything a person needs from restaurants, resorts and picturesque gardens.
Coeur de Loge

A five-star hotel located in Lyon with a picturesque courtyard located in a Michelin-starred restaurant. In this restaurant there are hanging gardens and rooms decorated in a unique style.
Fine French cuisine

Restaurants that offer so many unforgettable experiences, France is home to the most prestigious cuisine in the world. Le Maurice Restaurant, La Ambrosie, Arbige, Alain Dukas or Plaza de la Paix, and Pavillon Le Duyan is a small sample of Michelin-starred restaurants.

Private tourism

Tourist companies that provide tourists with many private tours are also luxurious, and each one offers a different set of programs. Luxury Toes France offers you a special tourism with a lot of luxury. Lightfoot Travel is one of the companies that provide a luxurious experience for different regions in France according to your own time and preferences.

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