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Entertainment cities

The purpose of establishing recreational cities or cabarets is to entertain and recreate oneself away from the pressures of different life. For this reason, the idea started in Denmark in 1583 AD and the cabarets were limited to having some games such as roller coaster, and this is to attract people to a place where they have fun times.

Today, the entertainment cities witness a large number of diversified games, which are constantly renewed. Disneyland Games City has gained a great reputation for its facilities of interest to both small and large, as it is a beautiful city and offers many activities other than games that can be used.

Disneyland in France

Disneyland in France is considered one of the largest entertainment cities in the world, and its idea started in the thirties of the last century, by its founder Walt Disney who created it after he visited many entertainment cities at that time, so the project was built in 1954 and opened in 1955 AD in Paris, and that day witnessed a media hype, and today there are branches of Disneyland in Florida, the capital of Japan, and in Hong Kong, the capital.

Disneyland is 30 km from Paris, and can be reached by metro. Tickets for games can be purchased upon arrival or booked on their website, to facilitate entry rather than standing for long at the visitors.

Within this city there are studios, the most famous of which is similar to the one that produces Hollywood movies, in order to provide an opportunity for visitors to learn how to make films.

Some sections of Disneyland in France

There are seven hotels built in creative and attractive ways that include 8005 rooms, in addition to shops, golf courses, shopping centers and medical clinics, and upon entering the resort the visitor can get a map containing all the information he needs on the departments in Disneyland, as well as theatrical performances that are held daily There, which identifies the visitor as the characters that will appear in each play, many cartoon characters are represented by people inside Disneyland in order for the children to enjoy their tour there.

There are also 66 restaurants decorated in a very different style and character that includes many different meals, dishes and national dishes famous in France, and one of the most beautiful things in Disneyland is a section called the United States Street, which is displayed through small buildings made of wood and this is how the United States was American in the past, and in this kind of embodiment of ancient history, and it can be said that Disneyland offers everything for adults and children, entertainment and culture in many fields.

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