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The great secret that confused scientists and archaeologists for long periods of time, its hierarchical geometric shape, the way it was built and its location, and the stones used in construction, all of this is a huge challenge for scientists, and the greatest question, how did these structures survive for long periods of time despite the earthquakes and volcanoes that landed And fluctuations in the inner layer of the earth, is there a secret buried in these pyramids? Is it conceivable that alien beings built them according to what some civilizations claim?

Pyramids around the world

The pyramids are found in many countries of the world, in Egypt, Mexico, Italy, Spain, France, Croatia, Slovenia, Russia and Greece, in addition to Central America, the most famous of which are:

  • The Pyramids of Giza in Egypt: The pyramids of Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure are considered among the largest pyramids in that place, and they are also among the most famous and most complex pyramids on Earth in terms of engineering architecture and place of construction, and the construction of the pyramids dates back to the fourth family of the pharaohs who ruled Egypt before 4000 BC.
  • The Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico: It was built in AD 100 by the Aztecs who inhabited Mexico at that time, and the pyramid of the sun is the largest building in Teotihuacan, which includes several pyramids to worship the sun and moon in addition to containing the tombs and tombs of kings and large inhabitants, and the shrine on which the offering of the gods.
  • Nubian pyramids in Sudan: It was built in the city of Nubia in Khartoum specifically, and formed dwellings for kings and queen of the plant, as it contains altars and tombs for kings, and the pyramids of Nubia are similar to the pyramids of Egypt in terms of shape, except that the pyramids of Nubia are of a smaller size, it has a base with an average of 5 meters, and a height of up to 6 8 meters.
  • The Mayan pyramid in Mexico: The Maya people built the Mayan pyramid, which was used as a shrine to get closer to the gods, and the Maya people knew their use of black magic and excelled in it, and the Mayan pyramid was used as an astronomical observatory and temple of warriors who were defending the city of Maya.

All these structures are similar in terms of the main form, which is the hierarchical form, and after studies and research it has been shown that the hierarchical form is one of the most powerful engineering forms in existence, and that it has hidden energy that extends who is inside the pyramid, among the greatest secrets in the Egyptian pyramids.

Egyptian pyramids

  • The height of the Great Pyramid in Egypt is 149.5 meters, and the distance between the center of the earth and the sun is 149.5 kilometers.
  • Building the Egyptian pyramids so that the corners of the pyramids are in the direction of the four well-known directions, and the main door of the Great Pyramid was built so that it is in the direction of the Arctic star.
  • The hierarchical form is one of the geometrical forms that contain a huge magnetic energy, and many experiments were conducted after this theory, by placing a pendulum on top of the largest pyramid in Egypt, and it was observed that the pendulum stone rotates very quickly due to the magnetic field surrounded by the pyramid.
  • It was also found that the food inside the pyramid remains fresh and maintains its validity for a longer period compared to food outside the pyramid.
  • The pyramid provides the person sitting in the middle with positive energy, working to remove fatigue and exhaustion, and to make fractures very quickly, and cures many diseases, the most important of which are joint diseases, headaches and psoriasis.
  • The Great Pyramid in Egypt maintains a constant temperature inside the burial chamber of the Pharaoh and is at a rate of 22 degrees Celsius, due to the presence of holes leading to the outside of the pyramid located on both sides of the pyramid.

How to build Egyptian pyramids

Many experiments and researches were conducted to find the mystery of building the pyramids, and it was found that many pyramids were built using thermal clay, as the ancient people were working to make the clay in a square shape, and burn it with high-temperature fire until it solidifies and takes its current form, and the Giza Pyramids are a secret that is not discovered construction To the present day, some of them say that the stones used in the construction were transferred from the banks of the Nile to Giza using wood and ropes, and some of them say that aliens, according to their claim, were the ones who built the pyramids, and there is a saying that is being studied until now that says the people who returned are the ones who built the pyramids T; because the stones used in the construction of the stone weigh up to 2.5 tons, and it was known that people usually have huge and large bodies.

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