Georgia Nature: Although Georgia is not a large area but it contains a lot of landscapes and enchanting, and many wonderful natural parks, the Caucasus Mountains are among the most beautiful landscapes and snowy peaks in the north, many forests and the Toshiti National Park sloping in the North Caucasus Mountains, It also contains the therapeutic spring waters located in Borjomi, and has many wonderful beaches on the Black Sea.
– Climate in Georgia: Georgia is characterized by a stable climate. In the summer temperatures reach 35 degrees Celsius, and in the winter the weather is very cold as the temperature can reach minus five degrees, and the Godory Mountains are among the wonderful areas for skiing.
– The hospitality of Georgia residents: Georgia residents are distinguished by their good hosting and they are friendly personalities, love interacting and dealing with strangers, love to help them, and they are non-racial people and enjoy a high level of dealing and enjoy culture and love of arts, singing and handicrafts.
– Suitable for those with limited budget: Georgia is distinguished as the ideal travel interface for those with limited budgets, from ticket prices and travel procedures to shopping, cheap transportation, cheap food, and tourist places with minimal symbolic cost, and there are some places that can be entered for free, and Georgia is one of the cheapest countries The world where souvenirs, jewelry, handicrafts and antiques can be bought

– The presence of many local markets: Georgia contains many small local markets, which are characterized by their low prices, which contain delicious vegetables and fruits that are available everywhere, colored vegetables, fruits, meat, and bread, and many tourists go to visit these markets.
– Diversified culture: Georgia contains many different cultures, and contains a large number of tourist and historical attractions located in all cities in Georgia, in addition to the wonderful architectural and engineering buildings.
Food: Georgia is distinguished by its presence in many foods, as the cuisine in Georgia is unique, and it is cheap, and there are many restaurants that offer different Arab and European cuisine.
– Various accommodations: Georgia contains a lot of different places to visit and many luxury hotels that suit different budgets, and most hotels are located near many tourist attractions.
– Safety in Georgia: Georgia is one of the safest countries, and it is one of the most safe countries for tourists, and it is one of the lowest rates in Europe, and Georgia is one of the safest countries to visit at any time of the year.
Medical tourism: There is a site of thermal water and sulfur water in Georgia, known as Abanotubani, and there are many public and private baths where massage and treatment sessions can be enjoyed in the sulfur water pool, and is considered a habitat for mineral water.

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