And because the family is the main environment of society and which is the main source of development, tourism has brought as a very positive result in most families around the world, because although all people do not support tourism activities, I think this unites a slightly larger number of families, which allows them By sharing more time together outside of the routine environment, this has become part of the family’s harmony.
It is necessary to devise an entertainment strategy that delivers unique and surprising experiences for the whole family. There is a great way to achieve this goal is to plan well for the family to visit many amazing places, the ability to realize the importance of entertainment for family tourism and know how to generate it will determine the success of the participants in this matter.

Tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

In 2009, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia received 13 million visits from abroad. However, most of them are religiously motivated. Mecca with Medina is a holy city for Muslims, as it is a city with more than 13 huge shopping centers and similar huge shopping centers, full of foreign brands, as Saudi Arabia has the best global tourism sites and today we offer the Dolphin Village in Dammam which attracts a large number of residents as well Tourists.

Description of Dolphin Village

Dolphin Village in Dammam is an indispensable attraction when in the city with family. This is the most popular exhibition in the Dolphin Village in Dammam. This fun attraction allows visitors to have fun. To be the width of the seal and the width of the dolphin.
Both seals and dolphins are trained to perform many exciting tricks that are definitely worth seeing and make the attraction great for young adults and adults alike. What makes gravity better is that after the show visitors are allowed to take pictures with the dolphins. The village also offers many recreational tours suitable for children of different ages, as well as a water basin and a habitat for a number of animals.

Ticket price

Entrance ticket – 10 riyals, Dolphin offer – 30 riyals free for children under 2

Recommended visit duration

About an hour or more
Suitable for adults, families, youth, and children

A must see

Dolphin width and seal width.

Prayer facilities

Muslim tourists who need prayer facilities will easily locate mosques or prayer rooms when visiting any city in Saudi Arabia. Most tourist attractions and shopping malls also have prayer rooms inside their workplaces. Those visiting the Dolphin Village can ask staff if they have a prayer room or about directions to the nearest mosque.

Featured site

Excellent location, close to Dammam Corniche, the staff is very professional and elegant, the food is delicious and very distinctive, or there is a great comfort inside the rooms.

Opening times for the Dolphin Village

Work begins in the Dolphin Village in Dammam from three in the afternoon until eleven in the evening.

Activities to do inside Dolphin Village

Enjoy a walk inside the village corridors to take pictures with friends and family.
You must attend the Dolphin Show.
You will also enjoy watching one of the sea lion shows in the wonderful village of Dolphin in Dammam.
Then, you will rest a little in the village café, or sit under the title of its many family umbrellas.
There are fun games for children as well as water games.
Enjoy the Egyptian circus and the beautiful lions of Africa.
You can eat in restaurants located in the village of Dolphin.

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