Geneva cheap markets How to escape the high cost of shopping in Switzerland?

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Switzerland is famous for being one of the most expensive countries when shopping, but this is not true if you know where the cheap Geneva markets are located, as well as Zurich economic markets. Some view the high level of Switzerland as a great advantage and not a shame for those looking to buy used items in good condition and at reasonable prices. Citizens of Switzerland do not keep their clothes or cut accessories, jewelry, or jewelry for long. Therefore, the popular markets are active in Zurich, Geneva and other Swiss cities where new and used goods can be bought alike.

Geneva cheap markets

Downtown store

Downtown is one of the few stores in Geneva dedicated to selling men’s used items. The store offers a wide variety of the most prestigious international brands such as (Gucci, Burberry, Smalto, Hermes) and others. The store’s exhibits collection and its other branch (Uptown) offer distinguished goods in which you can hardly find a defect or can distinguish them from the new ones. Address: Downtown, Rue du Monthoux 21, PaquisGeneva cheap markets How to escape the high cost of - Geneva cheap markets How to escape the high cost of shopping in Switzerland?

Plainpalais flea market

The Plainpalais market is one of the most famous and largest cheap Geneva markets where small stores and amateurs tables extend throughout the streets branching from the field of the same name. You can find everything you are looking for in this huge market, and whether you want to buy antique or modern home furniture, Or antiques, paintings, clothes, etc. you will find your goal in this region. The Plainpalais market takes place twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday and is very popular with tourists and locals. It is best to go early to the market that starts at 6.30 in the morning and learn about places to sell the goods you want to buy in order to save For the time, read also: Most Popular Places Tourist in Geneva

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Flair Store No. 3

The owner of the store is a lover of fashion and elegance, she used to sew and design her clothes by herself and then decided to share the experience with others. The owner of the store (Flair No. 3) added her own touches to used clothes to look completely different and exists by herself to help customers choose the best of their exhibits. : Flair No. 3 Rue John-Grasset 3, Plainpalais1581206979 454 Geneva cheap markets How to escape the high cost of - Geneva cheap markets How to escape the high cost of shopping in Switzerland?

Numero Store 6

It is a cheap Geneva market that offers a different concept from second-hand clothes stores. The store only combines its exhibits with ultra-fine brands and unique pieces. The store’s reputation made it popular with tourists and citizens, and it is considered a little more expensive than other markets and other stores. You can visit the store For the latest trends and price comparison with other stores, address: Numero 6, Rue Saint-Victor, 6 Carouge


It is not a market in the well-known sense but it is a collection of three exhibitions (Carouge, Eaux-vives, Etuves) where you can find most of what you are looking for. The Vêt’Shop Group is located near the headquarters of the Red Cross in Zurich and it displays the items that were donated to charity These exhibitions are distinguished by offering completely new and used clothes that were donated by organizations, factories and famous personalities to support human activity. In addition, these exhibitions include a wide range of brands, sportswear, casual and others.1581206979 758 Geneva cheap markets How to escape the high cost of - Geneva cheap markets How to escape the high cost of shopping in Switzerland?

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Puces de Nyon Market

The Puces de Nyon market, a cheap Geneva market, stretches for a kilometer on the banks of the famous Lake Geneva. The market offers a wide variety of mostly used goods such as toys, clothing, imitation jewelry, and metal furniture at very low prices. The market is held weekly every Saturday and is a park for tourists And citizens, summer and winter, where there are places to eat and drink.

Sunday markets

Longing is a popular activity on Sunday, as most families in Switzerland go out to buy the requirements of the week. Hence, many cheap Geneva markets are held specifically for this day. At noon, fruits and vegetables are sold in the Annecy market in particular, especially those grown in private properties of Swiss farmers. There is also the Collonges sous Salève market, which is held in the city center from half past seven to two in the afternoon. And one of the morning markets in Zurich is Douvaine Market. Valleiry Market.

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