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Haddad Tourist Village

The village of Haddad is located in the north of the West Bank in Palestine, 5 km from the city of Jenin, and its area of ​​30,000 km2 extends over a land called the seventy area, where fresh air, green forest nature and lush palm forests are completely free from noise. The village was opened to visitors in a month April of the year 2005 AD, to be one of the largest tourist resorts in the West Bank, whose name is attributed to its owner Ibrahim Al-Haddad.

Haddad Village facilities

There are several facilities belonging to the tourist village of Haddad, and they are as follows:

  • Haddad Hotel: It includes 90 rooms between individual, bilateral and triple prices ranging between 380-480 shekels per night, and is classified under the category of 4 stars according to the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. The hotel also includes warm swimming pools in summer and winter, a meeting and conference room, a restaurant and a guest garden Just.
  • Haddad Park: It differs from the hotel garden, as it is open to visitors in general, and the park extends over an area of ​​43,000 m, with stunning views and quiet sessions.
  • Turkish bath: It is intended for women in the morning, and for men in the evening.
  • Palestine Amphitheater: Built on the style of the Romen style, it is the first of its kind in terms of design. The amphitheater can accommodate 2000 people, and national events and huge festivals are held.
  • Theme park: it is the largest amusement park for children in Palestine, in addition to that there are games suitable for adults as well, and the city has obtained an ISO certificate to ensure the safety of children when playing, and it is worth noting that the purchasing value of all games is only thirty shekels, which means that it is compatible with Palestinian and other income.
  • Three wedding halls.
  • Resturant.
  • Folklore Museum.

Mourning Museum

On an area of ​​700 m, the village owner, Ibrahim Haddad, opened a Palestinian Folklore Museum in 2009, and the museum’s facilities are as follows:

  • The Palestinian Palestinian House and its rooms, corral and animals and soap.
  • The civil Palestinian house and its rooms for men give you a salad, and rooms for women on the upper floor occupy you.
  • Writers or so-called seminars.
  • A special section of Jerusalem under the name Zahrat al-Mada’in, in which it embodies old buildings and the clothes of its people.
  • Palestinian wedding exhibition with its consequences of horse, hawdog, and groom for the groom.
  • Palestinian Panorama from the era of the age until the era of the late President Abu Ammar.
  • Exposed professions such as blacksmithing in the old way with charcoal and ball, shaving, perfumery, medicine, cobbler, butter and more.

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