How far is Istanbul from Bursa

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Bursa, or as it is called the great city, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey, to which tourists come from all sides, where the longest cable car is located in the world and embraces a large group of tourist attractions such as the legendary Uludag Mountain.

Tourism in Bursa is not limited to visiting the sights only, but many enjoyable activities can be carried out, such as going shopping in malls and major markets, or eating delicious Turkish food at the famous Bursa restaurants.

If you are in Istanbul and want to visit Bursa to spend some fun time, let us answer you in this report about how far Istanbul is from Bursa and how long it takes to get to Bursa from Istanbul by various means of transportation.

How far is Istanbul from Bursa

Istanbul is about 152 kilometers from Bursa, according to Google Maps, and you can reach from Istanbul to Bursa by car, taxi, bus or by sea by ferry.

The following map shows the distance between Istanbul and Bursa:

How far is Istanbul from Bursa by road : The shortest land distance between Istanbul and Bursa is about 152 km on the route shown on the map above.

How many hours from Istanbul to Bursa by car: It takes about two hours and seven minutes to drive from Istanbul to Bursa by car, and the journey costs from 19 to 29 dollars.

From Istanbul to Bursa How many hours by taxi: You can travel from Istanbul to Bursa in approximately two hours by taxi, at a cost ranging from 55 to 75 dollars.

How far is it between Istanbul and Bursa Bus? The bus takes about 3 hours to get from Istanbul’s Autogar station to the bus station in Bursa, and the trip costs from 5 to 13 dollars.

How far is it from Istanbul to Bursa by sea: The distance from Istanbul to Bursa by ferry is approximately 72 kilometers from Yenikapi port in Istanbul to Mudanya port in Bursa, and the journey by ferry takes about two hours but a third and does not cost more than two dollars and to know how much the distance between Bursa and Istanbul specifically please see the attached map above.

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