Sisli is one of the most important areas of tourism in Istanbul and one of the most famous, as it is intended for thousands of tourists to visit the tourist attractions such as the famous Sisli Mosque or take fun shopping tours in major commercial centers such as Cevahir Mall Istanbul.

The Nisantasi Street is the most famous tourist street among the streets of Istanbul as a whole, it is the first destination for any tourist heading to Sisli, as it includes many parks and parks, including the Machka Park, which includes a cable car that can be enjoyed and explore the landmarks of the region.

In this report, we will walk you through the question of how far Sisli is away from Taksim and how to get from Taksim to Sisli easily via the means of transportation available between them, as well as where is the Sisli area in Istanbul and the most important activities that can be enjoyed when visiting.

The best Sisli hotels Istanbul

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How far is Sisli from Taksim

How far is Sisli from Taksim?

The distance between Sisli, Taksim and specifically the Nisantasi Tourist Street, which is the most important destination for tourists in Sisli, is about 2.1 km on the shortest path connecting them, according to Google Maps.

There are 3 means of transportation to move from Taksim Square to Sisli, which is the car, taxi and public bus. Here are more details on how to get there by all means of transportation:

How much is the distance between Sisli and Taksim by car and taxi

Sisli is a 5-minute walk from Taksim Square, by car or taxi, on the path shown on the map below. Taxi fare ranges between $ 1 and $ 3.

The car rental service in Istanbul helps you to move between areas freely and at a lower cost. Here are the most important tips about renting cars in Istanbul .. Read more

How far is Sisli from Taksim bus?

It can be reached from Taksim to Sisli by bus in 16 – 24 minutes according to the route the bus takes. It takes about 4 minutes on foot to the bus stop in Taksim and an 8-minute walk from the bus stop in Sisli to Nisantasi Street.

Sisli is within walking distance

If you like to walk and enjoy exploring the regions and places around you, you can walk from Taksim to Nisantasi Street in Sisli in 24 minutes by following the path shown on the following map.

The best activities in the Sisli region

You can do many enjoyable activities in the Sisli region, such as visiting the palaces and museums that abound in the area or ride a cable car and enjoy watching the area from above … Read more

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