It is considered one of the countries of the continent of Asia, where it is located geographically in the southeastern side of the continent, and its capital is the city of Jakarta, with a land area of ​​1,904,569 km², and the system of government in it is republican, and the national motto is unity and diversity, and its official currency is the Indonesian rupiah and is symbolized by IDR.

Island number in Indonesia

The number of islands in Indonesia ranges between 25,000 to 30,000, and the main islands are:

Sumatra island

Its land area is 470 thousand square kilometers, and it is located geographically in the far western side of the islands of Indonesia, and its length is 1,700 km, and its width is 400 km, as the equator passes through its center, and its economy depends on exports of forest products, natural gas, bauxite, tin, oil .

Java Island

It is the capital of Jakarta, with a land area of ​​132,000 square kilometers, and a population of one hundred and twenty seven million people. Most of the population owes Islam, and a minority of them owes Christianity and Buddhism. The island is divided administratively into four provinces and a special province, namely: Banten, Java Tengah, and Java Timor, Yogyakarta and Jakarta.

Island of New Guinea

Geographically located in the southwestern side of the Pacific Ocean, i.e. northern Australia, it is considered the largest island in the world of the second degree after Greenland, and it was occupied by Portugal in the year 1511 AD.

Sulawesi Island

Named after Celebes, it is located geographically between the island of Borneo and the island of Maluku. The island is divided into several provinces, including: North Sulawesi District, Gorontalo District, South Sulawesi Province, and Southeast Sulawesi Province.

Borneo Island

It is the largest island in the world of the third degree, and the island is also divided between three countries: Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei, and the first inhabitants of the Dayak people three thousand years ago, and the island is characterized by a tropical climate.

Lesser Sunda Island

It is also called Nusa Tenggara, and the island consists of several islands: Sumbawa, Sumba, Alor Archipelago, Bali, Tinembar Islands, Parat Daya Islands and Flores. The island is divided administratively into three administrative regions: Nusa Tenggara West, Bali, and Nusa Tenggara east.

Kings Island

It is called the Topel Island, and it is divided administratively into two provinces: Maluku Province and North Maluku Province. It is located geographically between Irian Jaya Island and Sulawesi Island in the western side of Indonesia, and it is also near the equator.

From the islands of Indonesia

  • The islands of Banten Province include: Tingil, Sanjiang, and Banaitan.
  • The islands of Jakarta province, including: the Alef Islands, the southern Alif Islands, and the northern Alif Islands.
  • The islands of West Java, including: Indramayu and Pulau Piawak.
  • Central Java Islands, including: Nusa Kampangan, and Carion Java.
  • The islands of East Java province, including: Simbo, Raga, Baoyan, Cangyan, Madura and Ras.
  • Aceh islands including: Baniyas, Simulo, Tuanku, Palai, Wuye and Asia.
  • North Sumatra islands including: Nias, Samosir, Hinako, Batu, Berhala, Makul and Jake.
  • West Sumatra Islands, including: Sepura, Sequoia, Southern Pashae, Northern Pashae, Pasumbahan, and Ciprot.
  • Lampung Islands, including: Krakatoa, Legendo, Sibuco and Sibisi.
  • The islands of Riau Province include: Paso, Tebeng Tinggi, Pankales, Rangsang, Robat and Padang.
  • The islands of the Riau Islands Province include: Natuna, Anambas, Batam, Beningat, Natuna Besar, Southern Natuna, Tambelan Archipelago, Badas, Bangoran, Riau Archipelago, Bintan, Galang, Linga, Karimun, Bulan, Condor, and Rembang.
  • The islands of the eastern province of Kalimantan, including: Derawan, Puneo, Tarakan, Balabalagan, Kakaban and Sebatak.
  • The islands of Southern Kalimantan Province, including: Lesser Laot, Laut, and Sibuco.
  • The islands of Central Kalimantan Province, including: Damar, Bouaya, Borong, and Banning.
  • The islands of West Kalimantan Province, including: Maya Karimata, Pawal, Karimata and Galam.
  • The islands of North Sulawesi Province include: Talaud, Bunaken, Kerakkilang, Xiao, Kabaruan, Bukaidh, Salibabo, Lembeh, Sangar, Nanepa, Singye, Manado Toa, Tagulandang, Sulawesi, Nain, and Thales.
  • The islands of Central Sulawesi Province include: Tujian, Boucouane, Bangai, Labobo, Bangkulu, Masib, Kibungan, Tropitenando, Ketodan, Tembau, Salo Besar and Salu Kessel.
  • The islands of South Sulawesi Province include: Takaponerat, Papering, Celear, Sapalana and Tingah.
  • The islands of Southeast Sulawesi Province, including: Cabaena, Wangi-Wangi and Tokangbisi.
  • The islands of Bali province including: Pineda, and Seningan.
  • The islands of West Nusa Tenggara Province include: Lombok, Xinjiang and Sumbawa.
  • The islands of East Nusa Tenggara Province include: Alor, Komodo, Roti, Flores, and Rinca.
  • Islands of the Maluku province, including: Puro, and Watubela.
  • The islands of North Maluku Province, including: Murutai, Obi and Bakan.
  • West Papua Islands, including: Io, Asia.
  • The islands of Papua Province, including: Biak, Myos-Num, and Yos Sudarsu.

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