Yerevan is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caucasus region, as it attracts tourists throughout the year to moderate its weather in most of the seasons. Yerevan is distinguished by its beautiful gardens and its ancient museums that preserve the collective memory of Armenia. This city also combines luxurious architecture that expresses the civilizations and cultures that followed it and the scenic landscape. Below we will present an integrated tourist program for those who want to spend 48 hours in Yerevan and experience the best this city has to offer to its visitors.

Tourism in Yerevan – first day:


Have breakfast at a restaurant Cosi È La Vita

Yerevan breakfastEnjoy European and Armenian dishes
Start the day with a delicious breakfast in the Cosi È La Vita restaurant, which specializes in providing delicious European and Armenian cuisine, including a range of vegetarian options, and is one of the favorite restaurants of Arab visitors.

Visit the Kvessjian Arts Park

Visit the Kvessjian Arts Park in YerevanKvessjian Arts Garden features contemporary Armenian sculptures and fountains that attract tourists with its unique design
After breakfast, continue walking for two minutes on the same street until you find directly in front of Kvissjian Art Park, which features contemporary Armenian sculptures and beautiful fountains that attract tourists with its unique design.
Near the park is the Kvissjian Museum of Art, which opens its doors on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This cultural and architectural edifice attracts more than a million tourists annually since it opened in February 2009, and the museum houses a large collection of exhibitions inspired by “Gerard Kevsjian” for contemporary art. It also offers Unique pieces, historical films and concerts

Walk around the Yerevan waterfall

Yerevan waterfall ArmeniaYerevan waterfall was designed in the form of large stairs by architects Jim Torossian Aslan Mkhitarian and Sargis Goryzian.
After leaving the Kvissjian Park, walk between the old houses along Sarman Street to the tourist landmark known as the “Yerevan Waterfall” designed in the form of large stairs, which were designed by architects Jim Torossian Aslan Mkhitarian and Sargis Goryzadian between 1970 and 1980. In the vicinity of the waterfall, open-air concerts are held, especially in the summer and spring months, where you can sit and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of Yerevan. This tourist attraction is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Armenia, so he stopped to take some pictures and share them on your account on social media.

Learn about the history of Armenia by visiting the Matnadran Museum

Matnadran Yerevan MuseumMatnadran Museum collects more than 1700 manuscripts, as this museum is one of the richest museums in Armenia
After this tour between the beautiful gardens, keep walking southwest of the Yerevan waterfall for seven minutes heading towards the Matnadran Museum, through which you will get to know Armenia’s history more, as this museum is one of the richest museums as it contains 1700 manuscripts that include history, geography, philosophy, medicine, law, chemistry, astronomy and others From sciences written in Arabic, Persian, Syrian, Latin, Hindi and Greek.


Lunch in a restaurant Zeituna

Halal restaurants in Yerevan ArmeniaRestaurants serving Armenian halal food in Yerevan
After an hour and a half in the Matnadran Museum, take a break before completing this exploratory tour of the city, and stop for lunch at Zeituna Restaurant on Ishaqyan Street, which is a suitable place for those looking for restaurants serving Armenian Halal food in Yerevan. The restaurant specializes in providing the most delicious Armenian and Lebanese dishes of all kinds, and is known for its distinguished service and favorable prices.

Visit the Mother Monument of Armenia

Mother Armenia YerevanMother Armenia is a statue that shows the power of the Armenian woman who fought for peace and the country
After this delicious meal, head to the Victory Park to see the famous memorial statue known as “Mother Armenia” which reflects the strength of the Armenian woman who fought for peace and the homeland.

Walk around the Victory Park

Victory Park YerevanVictory Park is among the important tourist destinations in Yerevan
Continue wandering around this park which includes many wonderful sights that express the ancient history of this ancient Armenian city. Verifan is among the oldest inhabited cities in the world, as tribes and peoples have continuously and continuously succeeded since the eighth century BC.

Visit the Catholic Church or the Holy Mother of God

Catholic Church, Holy Mother of God, YerevanOne of the oldest churches in Yerevan is the “Holy Mother of God” Church, which was built in the year 1264
After three and a half kilometers (7 minutes) he stopped to take some pictures of the Holy Mother of God Church, which is one of the most prominent and oldest churches in Yerevan, as it was built in the year 1264, and it adopts the architectural style prevailing in most churches in Armenia.

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Stroll the Freedom Square

Freedom Square YerevanFreedom Square, Theater Square, or Opera Square, which is one of the most important squares in the city of Yerevan
After getting acquainted with this ancient church, he continued to walk across Tomanian Street for 9 minutes towards Freedom Square, which the locals call the theater square or the Opera Square, which is one of the most important squares in the city of Yerevan. This square is located in the downtown Kentron neighborhood, and it connects four main streets: Tomanian Street, Terrian Street, Seat Nova Avenue and Machutts Avenue.


Have dinner at a restaurant Tospia

Yerevan Armenia restaurantsRestaurants offering vegetarian and marine options in Yerevan Armenia
Cross the square, passing through the lake known as “Swan Lake” and turn left towards Tomanian Street to the “Toscia” restaurant, which is characterized by its unique décor and a varied menu of Armenian and international cuisine, including vegetable and marine goods. This restaurant also includes a bakery from which you can buy Armenian and famous bread and various types of pastries and cakes.
After these tourist activities in Yerevan, we recommend returning to the hotel and taking a break in preparation for the second day.
Among the hotels we recommend staying in Yerevan:

  • Republica Hotel Yerevan
  • Hyatt Place Yerevan
  • Golden Palace Hotel

Tourism in Yerevan – the second day:


Have breakfast at Masoor Restaurant

Armenian cuisine experience Try the tastiest dishes from the Caucasian cuisine in Yerevan
Begin your second day of this tourism program in Yerevan by eating the most delicious dishes from the Caucasian cuisine in the restaurant “Photographer” that offers various Armenian and European cuisine with the usual Armenian appetizers, including bread, cheese and Armenian summer salad consisting of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and Armenian basil.

Shopping in Fernesage

Fernessage MarketShop local Armenian products
When you leave the restaurant, continue on the same main street for two minutes, towards the “Fernesage” market, a popular open market near the “Republic Square” that displays its products throughout the week. This market contains handicrafts such as Armenian carpets, Soviet handcrafted souvenirs and sculptures, delicately carved stones and gifts that reflect the country’s culture and history.
If you are looking for major stores and commercial complexes, you can go to the Mall “Russia” or “Yerevan Mall” and “Dalma Garden Mall” which includes various international brands.

Visit the Cathedral of St. Gregory

St. Gregory's CathedralSt. Gregory Church, which is the largest Catholic Apostolic Church in the world and one of the largest cathedrals in Armenia
800 meters or about ten minutes walk, you will find in front of you St. Gregory Church, which is one of the largest Catholic Apostolic Churches in the world and one of the largest cathedrals in Armenia, as it is one of the largest religious buildings in the South Caucasus region, where this church is distinguished by its ancient history and unique design.

Touring and taking photos in the Republic Square

Yerevan, Republic SquareThe Republic Square is one of the most important squares in Yerevan and includes a group of historical buildings
Follow the walk from St. Gregory’s Cathedral towards the Republic Square, which is surrounded by five classical buildings and built using volcanic stones and decorated with ancient Armenian drawings, and includes the Government House, History Museum, National Museum, Armenia Marion Hotel and ministries of foreign affairs, transportation and communications.

Explore the exhibits of the Armenian History Museum

Armenian History MuseumArmenian History Museum with over 400,000 artifacts
With a brief street, you can enter the Armenian History Museum from the Republic Square in less than three minutes. The Armenian History Museum is one of the richest museums in Yerevan, this museum contains more than 400,000 artifacts dating back thousands of years.

Visit the Museum of Modern Art in Yerevan

The Museum of Modern Art in Yerevan is located in the district of Machdots, 12 minutes from the continuous walk of the Armenian History Museum. This museum was built in 1972 at the initiative of the Armenian painter Henrik Ejetian who also managed it for 37 years.


Have lunch at Tavern Yerevan

Halal restaurants in YerevanThis restaurant includes the most delicious Armenian and Lebanese dishes
Exit the museum towards Mayesian Street and turn left to Emirian Street to reach “Tavern Yerevan”, which offers a wide selection of multiple restaurants such as European and Armenian cuisine, in addition to oriental specialties, delicious Lebanese dishes, and also provides vegetarian food at affordable prices.

Visit the Blue Mosque

Tourism in YerevanBlue Mosque in Yerevan
After lunch, walk on Amirian Street to Zakiyan Street, until you see in front of you this mosque, which is characterized by its blue color, unique design and beautiful garden. It is also the only kiss of Muslims in this city, as its dome, which is 24 meters away, can be seen.

Head towards tsetserknackerd

Tourism in Yerevan - Tsetsirnakaberd The memorial to the victims of the Armenian genocide that took place between 1915 and 1916
You can then wander around the city’s markets, but if you are not tired and want to continue tourism in Yerevan, we advise you to visit the “Tsetsirnakaberd” hill on which a memorial was built for the victims of the Armenian genocide that took place between 1915 and 1916, and here you can share the Armenians in the laying of flowers as well See pictures and testimonies of people who lived during this period to know a large part of the history of Armenia, and from this hill you can see wonderful views of the city of Yerevan.
Note: Please note that this monument is 3.4 km from the Blue Mosque, and it takes approximately 50 minutes on foot to reach it. However, the hill can be reached within a short time via one of the taxis available in the city.


Return to the Republic Square and watch the dancing fountains

Tourism in Yerevan Watch the performance of dancing fountains in the Republic Square
When the night falls on the curtain, he announces the birth of a new life in the streets of Yerevan, which has a wonderful nightlife. Spend your last night in Yerevan on the Republic Square, where the performance of dancing fountains begins at 9:00 pm and ends at 11:00 pm.

Have dinner at a restaurant Sherep

Tourism in Yerevan
End your tour with a delicious dinner in the “Sherep” restaurant, which is among the best in the city. He combines on his menu between Lebanese, European and Armenian cuisine, and also offers vegetarian and marine options, and he is known for his excellent service, beautiful atmosphere and artistic manner of serving dishes.

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Planning to visit Yerevan soon? Did you find this program useful? What other destinations do you want us to write about?

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