With over 105 resorts to choose from in a region globally known for its beauty, the new opening should not be less than stunning to merit attention. The Horawalhi Island Resort in the Maldives is an unparalleled, exceptional and authentic resort. Thanks to being ecologically innovative, thanks to its picturesque underwater restaurant and modern villas, as well as not from as many other resorts as the eye can see – Hora Island Resort offers its own idea of ​​paradise. This is the Maldives with its new definition: a truly unique experience you will experience in a five-star resort located among the reefs of Lhaviyani Island which will open in December 2016.

The island is just 40 minutes on the plane from Mali Island, and in it you will find a distinct group of very spacious, exceptional and distinctively designed villas that are located around a sparkling lake located in an ideal location so that all visitors can enjoy either the views of the sunrise or sunset. Thanks to the options of dinner on the beach, over the water and even under the water, the essence of philosophy here is that nothing is impossible.

Offering 90 villas, including 60 oceanfront villas and 30 seaside villas, the Horawalhi Island Resort is a haven of peace and serenity for adults seeking luxury and innovation. Designed in a modern and beautiful manner, these residences feature comfortable and soothing décor as well as luxurious covers on king size beds, whitewashed flooring and a private terrace with stunning views.

Since the island resort of Hura, is so much focused on the environment that it gives back to the Maldives as much as you give it. Through the use of solar panels, the island’s bottled water plant, energy-saving solutions, hot water recovery and the presence of the world of marine biology within the region, Haurawalhi Island Resort certificates are considered the best in the Maldives. In addition, the Horawalhi Island Resort works in cooperation with WiseOceans, which includes specialists in education and conservation of marine life. WiseOceans, together with 5-star island coaches from the island’s PADI Association of Professional Diving Instructors, create a team with the aim of providing educational guidance on diving and snorkeling through the amazing reefs and shipwrecks nearby. This island is a place where green turtles live and WiseOceans mission is to preserve this natural habitat in addition to educating visitors about these beautiful and dangerous creatures.

The scene is evident in the underwater restaurant called ‘5.8 Undersea’ which will make feelings and sensations circulate in this unprecedented place which is 5.8 meters below sea level. Each of the dishes offered by this restaurant combines the best ingredients with a touch of innovation and distinct style, to get a dish from the modern creative cuisine.

Up onto the water, the Aquarium offers great sea views in the daytime and a romantic dinner at night in candle flashing. The restaurant offers a modern menu that includes organic and artistic ingredients from thoughtful sources in addition to grilled tinayaki with an emphasis on local and fresh seafood and the finest quality beef with sushi, sashimi and delicious tempura prepared by a highly skilled chef personally.

Canneli, where guests will have a fresh and wonderful breakfast served by the resort, is the third option for dinner, where international food is prepared to the highest standards while the restaurant overlooks the Pacific Indian Ocean

As for those who seek activities, there is a game of tennis, badminton and volleyball on the seashore in addition to a boat for fishing at sea. An amazing on-demand diving opportunity is also provided, including guided snorkeling trips on diving and snorkelling and a full training center by 5-star PADI instructors. Sledges are available, as are paragliding, water-skiing, water-jet surfing, boat-led, paddle-boarding, and windsurfing by wind, ice skate, and pawn.

The Dnier Spa at the island resort of Huraalhi brings visitors close to the lush turquoise water nature. Dunier means “universe” and the name represents our philosophy: a cosmic approach based on health and wellness through treatments inspired by ancient and modern experience from around the world. The strong influence of healing traditions from Asia and Africa can be seen in the spa stock including the use of local ingredients and traditional cultural-inspired treatments. By directing perfection, simplicity, serenity, and quality, the spa uses high-quality, chemical-free, Healing Earth ™ products that are all free from petrochemical, synthetic, colorants, bisethanolamine, preservatives and parabens.

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