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Hurghada city

Hurghada is one of the Egyptian tourist cities, which is the administrative capital of the so-called Red Sea Governorate, with an area of ​​about forty km2, located on the banks of the western shore of the Red Sea, so that it is surrounded on the north side by Ras Gharib, and on the south side by the city of Safaga, and on the one side The eastern Red Sea coast, while on the western side, is surrounded by the mountains of the Red Sea, and Hurghada has many distinctive tourist attractions, which attract large numbers of tourists from all over the world, and we will address the following most important of these.

The most important tourist attractions for the city of Hurghada

Soma Bay

It is a resort or bay, built in 2015, so that it is about sixty kilometers from the city center to the north side of it, and it occupies an area of ​​thirteen million meters.

Makadi Bay

It is also called Makadi Bay, about thirty-five kilometers from the city center, and it is characterized by the brightness of the sun on it throughout the days of the year, and its beaches extend from the clear waters of the sea, interspersed with white natural sand, and it is classified as one of the best tourist resorts in Hurghada, so it ranges The temperatures during the summer are between twenty-three and thirty-four degrees Celsius, and in the winter between fifteen and twenty-three degrees Celsius, it was designed in a way that satisfies all of its visitors, as there are hotels, restaurants, and rest houses, which provide luxury services, and a variety of foods between Asian, italyn, Japanese, and French.


One of the most beautiful diving sites in Hurghada, where there are reefs, and dense coral forests, in addition to various types of fish that color its water, such as tuna, jack, giant moori, and hammerhead shark.

Abu Ramada

This site is also called the Aquarium, which is characterized by a shallow and largely flat water, in which diverse marine life abounds in it, where small reef fish, tiger sharks, stingray rays, in addition to barracuda, jack, and white-fin coral reef, abound. There are also very large numbers of tuna fish.


It is a group of long, narrow, and calm reefs, located on the northern side of Hurghada, and can be easily reached through El Gouna. Fnadair is characterized by the ability to practice many different types of diving in it, such as deep diving, drifting, as well as diving beginners, and the preferred part of Before divers there it is protected from the weather by a thin arc formed by coral reefs, which is located east of it.

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