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Hussein Sports City

Al-Hussein Sports City or as it is called Al-Hussein Youth City is a sports city in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, located in the Jordanian capital Amman, specifically in the Abdali area near the sports city roundabout, was established during the year 1964 during the reign of the late King Hussein Bin Talal in order to support the sports movement And youth in the Kingdom of Jordan and some of the neighboring Arab countries.

The Sports City contains four main gates, and includes within its borders many stadiums, halls, and arenas for sports games such as: football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, equestrian games, swimming, boxing, self-defense, and many others.

The most prominent features of the sports city

Oman International Stadium

It is a football stadium covered with natural grass, and can accommodate approximately twenty-five thousand spectators, and is considered one of the most important and most important facilities of the city and its main landmark. There is a parking space for five thousand vehicles, and it also contains terraces consisting of three steps that have nine entrances for the masses, the main platform contains four entrances, the second class contains one entrance, and the third degree has four entrances.

It is considered one of the best football fields in Jordan in terms of its capacity, the quality of grass, umbrella and seats, as it has all the necessary facilities, and it was classified as a rating according to the Asian Football Confederation in the year 2014AD. The construction of the stadium started in 1964, and it was officially opened in 1968, where the stadium was furnished with artificial grass until 1999 AD, and then the natural grass was replaced. The stadium is dedicated to the matches of the Jordanian national team and the Al-Faisaly club in Jordan, in addition to holding most of the local final matches in it.

Petra Stadium

A private football stadium located within the city, used for training, and many first-class league matches are held, as well as Jordanian women’s team matches, and can accommodate approximately six thousand spectators.

Sports Palace

A multi-purpose gym. The hall was established during 1983 with a total area of ​​4,800 square meters, with a rubber floor, on which basketball, hand, volleyball, table tennis and gymnastics competitions are held. The hall accommodates approximately three thousand spectators, and is considered one of the oldest and first closed indoor gyms in Jordan.

Prince Hamzah Hall

A private ballroom hall that accommodates about ten thousand spectators, in addition to many landmarks, such as: Prince Raad Club, the city’s sports club, the Olympic pool, the Royal Society for Radio Amateurs, the Boxing Hall, the Princess Alia Equestrian Track, the headquarters of the Jordan Tennis Federation, and the Skaw lounge And the headquarters of the Jordanian Football Association.

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