Information about Riyadh Park, the largest mall in Riyadh. Numbers on Riyadh Park, Riyadh Park has become one of the strongest and best malls in Saudi Arabia, because it contains everything the visitor or shopper is looking for as well as easy access to it. For more details about Riyadh Mall, this article is from Arab travelers.

Information about Riyadh Park, the largest mall in Riyadh, numbers on Riyadh Park

  • The mall was built to be one of the leading marketing and tourism destinations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and this was highlighted by entertainment spaces and international branded stores.
  • This is in addition to easy access to it either by a private car that will eventually park in parking spaces for 2500 cars, or by the nearby metro network, or by a network of roads and bridges that will facilitate transportation.
  • Riyadh Park Mall is located near King Abdullah City, at the intersection of North Ring Road and Al Khair Street.
  • And you can communicate through the official website of the mall, or by calling 00966920009467, or for leasing at 00966920009467, or for contacting the media center and interactions at 00966920009034.

The shops are in Riyadh Park

  • The mall includes the largest commercial diversification of the most famous international brands of clothing products, cosmetics, accessories, perfumes and other products.
  • You can enter the site, choose the letter that the brand you are looking for starts with, and you can be sure of its existence.

Riyadh Park Restaurants

  • There are also many, many restaurants and cafes, which can accompany the family, or a group of friends to eat your favorite meals, or eat your fast food before continuing shopping.

Riyadh Park Cinema

  • The Riyadh Park Mall includes “Vox Cinema”, which is divided between IMEX displays, Kids, Gold, Max, regular displays.
  • Tickets vary for international films, and movies, prices and concerts can be compared by entering the link here.

Riyadh Park Games

  • Magic Planet is available as a theme park and games for children of all ages in Riyadh Park Mall.
  • It is available from ten in the morning until twelve midnight, and Friday from ten in the morning until one after midnight.
  • Magic Land is known for the existence of multiple areas for parties, school trips, as well as competitions and winning many prizes and other areas of play and amusement.

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