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Motiongate Dubai

If you are a fan of famous cartoon characters such as Smurfs, Kongfu Panda and Mavis from the movie Hotel Transylvania or Shrek or Count Dracula, then you will enjoy a lot when visiting Motiongate Dubai, as it is a unique theme park.

Motiongate Dubai is part of an integrated entertainment city called Dubai Parks and Resorts, and this city is the largest integrated entertainment city in the Middle East, as it stretches over an area of ​​25 million feet.
Motiongate Dubai consists of a group of sections, each of which represents a group of everyone’s favorite cartoon characters, such as Smurfs. It also displays a group of films in the four-dimensional cinema found in the park. As for Bollywood Parks Dubai, it presents real experiences of the most important and most famous Bollywood films. Dubai Legoland It is a premium water play area of ​​its kind.

How to spend a day in Motiongate Dubai

Motionjeb Dubai theme park is located in the Jebel Ali area, and it welcomes visitors from nine o’clock in the morning and ends at nine o’clock in the evening, and once you reach the portal you will notice that it is designed in the form of a movie tape, and this makes you live the experience from its inception.
Once you enter the park, you can take souvenir pictures with popular cartoon characters that are popular with adults and children such as Count Dracula, Miffs, Smurfs and Harry Potter, then you can start entering the games area directly while you are still at full capacity, because some of these games may make you live a terrifying and enjoyable experience in The same time.

The amusement park includes more than 25 giant electric games such as cars that wind up inverted and high speed tracks at high speed, and the game of missile that blasts quickly towards the sky and then falls several times to hold breaths, and also includes more easy games such as rotating cups, and some water games.

The four-dimensional cinema found in the Almuchite shows a set of distinctive and wonderful films, and it is worth noting that the cinema does not open its doors in the middle of the show but must wait until the end of the show to catch up with the next show.

It is also important to know that the moshanget is very crowded on holidays, so it is preferable to visit him on days other than holidays, as it is preferable to go to it in the early morning when the city opens so that you can enjoy as long as possible and also to start entering before crowding .
Also, the city offers a range of offers on tickets, you can search for these offers to take advantage of price reductions, and the city also provides a set of annual tickets to enter Motiongate and the entire Dubai Parks and Resorts areas at a reduced price so you can benefit from such offers.
And when you’re done playing or feeling tired, you can enjoy a range of distinct food and drinks in the group of restaurants located within the city, and also before leaving the city of fun and excitement you can get some special souvenirs that are sold in some stores within the city.

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