It is a misconception about the Philippines that this country has weather in all places and at all times, but this is not true because there are some places in the Philippines with distinct climatic conditions and all you have to predict carefully the weather before you travel and take clothes that are appropriate to the nature of the weather.

The capital city of Manila is characterized by a particularly wet climate, but there are many other areas in the country that are characterized by dry weather at the same time.
From March to May, it is the summer season, and it is one of the most appropriate times to visit these islands at this time to see the view of the islands with clouds. They are suitable for those who like relaxing tourism, and at this time, cancellation of flights does not occur due to the stability of the weather and the absence of hurricanes in the Philippines The temperature at this time may reach 38 ° C.
One of the best times to see the country is from November to February when the weather is cooler.
Bags and luggage
When deciding to travel to the Philippines, you must bring sweat absorbent cotton clothes that are appropriate for the high summer temperatures. If you plan to travel to the countryside or walk a lot, you should not forget to bring a sneaker with you for the comfort of the feet during the trip as well as it is most appropriate in rural villages.
Traffic in the Philippines
The Philippines suffers from congested traffic so you should be aware that you will spend a lot of time moving from one place to another.
The language
Language is one of the things that you may find easier than the people of the Philippines, although we do not speak the Filipino language, but this people can handle all languages ​​and all races well as it is distinguished as a welcome people and this makes you move in the country without worry.
The Philippines is a diverse country
The Philippines is witnessing a varied view of the wonderful waters in Palawan. It is characterized by the white sandy beaches of Boracay. It also contains the terraces of rice found in Bannu and contains some coastal hills in Batanes. Therefore, the Philippines is one of the countries that suits adventure and water sports lovers, and those looking for relaxation and scenic nature.
Maintain personal property
One of the things to be aware of is keeping your personal belongings carefully. For example, you should not leave your bags alone in crowded places, on the beach, or other matters.
Is the Philippines a safe country?
The Philippines, like many countries, is safe in provinces and in some other provinces violence, theft and other things happen.
Filipino people
The Filipino people are distinguished from the rest of the world, as they are friendly, welcoming and hospitable, and all these features that exist in the people make the tourist not feel strange when he is in the Philippines.
Food in the Philippines
You can find many different types of foods in the Philippines, and this for a little money, it is suitable for all categories, and restaurants in the Philippines contain many distinct, different and fresh dishes at the same time.

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