Iraqi Airways: A detailed report on Iraqi Airways

المسافرون العرب

Iraqi Airways IA is one of the most important and oldest airlines operating in the Middle East and the world, was established in 1945 to launch its first flights with the beginning of the year 1946 AD, specifically on the twenty-eighth of January (January).
Iraqi Airways operates from its headquarters in Baghdad Airport and has full membership in the Arab Air Transport Association.
Its flights depart to more than 38 destinations covering a total of various regions all over the globe and its continents, thanks to the huge fleet of aircraft owned by the company, which reaches 32 different and modern international aircraft that are known for their efficiency and luxury, including the Airbus A321 -200 Boeing 767 and Bombardier CS 300.
For more information about Iraqi Aviation in terms of the most important advantages and services it provides, its most important destinations and travel procedures on its flights, we have prepared this report to be a guide for you on your trip.

Iraqi Airways A detailed report on Iraqi Airways - Iraqi Airways: A detailed report on Iraqi Airways

The advantages of Iraqi Airways

Iraqi Airways outperforms other companies by providing the best competitive services, as it has a set of advantages that travelers and customers benefit directly, which enhances the luxury of travel and transportation, especially with long distances, as well as the company’s endeavor to gain the confidence and satisfaction of customers, and among its advantages:
• Comfortable seats provide space for legs and headrest for comfortable sleep.
• The seat can be transformed into a Business Class bed, along with the attached attachments for each occupant of sleeper covers, eye coverings, and power supply.
Iraqi Airways allows advance check-in of luggage.
• A wide variety of delicious and free foods and beverages are available. Iraqi Airways also meet the nutritional needs of children, patients or dieters, as well as custom-made dishes for an acceptable additional fee.
• Iraq Air provides various forms of entertainment and enjoyment from the varied and interesting versions of the printed, audio and visual materials suitable for all groups and ages.
• The headquarters halls contain several high-quality services and luxury, which reduces boredom waiting, such as different styles of restaurants and cafes, free internet, newspapers, TV screens displaying multilingual content.
• One of the most important features is the ease of booking through the company’s website.

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Services on board Iraqi Airways aircraft

Iraqi Airways offers everything that ensures comfort and luxury to passengers on its flights, such as:

the food

The passenger enjoys a group of fresh dishes, meals and sweets whose varieties vary according to the degree of travel and the length of the trip and the nature of the health, age and nutritional status of the traveler, if any, and which were prepared by skilled chefs, in addition to serving different varieties of luxury drinks, different from warm and cold.


Passengers of Iraqi Airways enjoy entertainment facilities appropriate to different tastes and age groups, as there are multilingual libraries on planes available in aircraft, dramatic and comic strips, as well as a variety of music content from western and eastern songs and clips, radio and TV programs, books, newspapers and electronic magazines.


For the comfort and convenience of travelers, Iraqi Airways provides a wide range of facilities such as covers, eye masks, earphones, displays, and power.

Travel classes on Iraqi Airways

As a matter of diversity and taking into account all the material budgets of individuals, Iraqi Airways provides two classes of travel on its planes, each of which has its advantages:

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business class

Travel is considered the most luxurious and distinguished in services, comfort and smooth procedures, as it offers:
✓ Easily and quickly complete reservations.
✓ The complexity of the procedures followed in weighing and shipping bags and luggage.
✓ Independence and privacy in terms of sitting in luxurious and luxurious seats suitable for the individual as a bed divided into compartments in a private space.
المطار The airport lounges for business class passengers include all means to accomplish private business such as Internet services, computers and meeting rooms, as well as a range of entertainment facilities such as restaurants, high-end cafes and entertaining television networks for young and old.
درجة Business class passengers on Iraqi Airways planes are offered a selection of fresh dishes characterized by delicious taste, presentation and presentation, along with hot and cold drinks for the duration of the trip.

economy class

The lowest financial compensation for this degree – compared to the previous degree – did not stand in the way of Iraqi Airways to provide comfort and privacy for the Economy Class passengers, as it provided:
✓ Comfortable seats with independent legroom with eye and headrest covers.
✓ A variety of local and international foods and free drinks during the long and medium trip, with special meals that cater to all needs and tastes and suit all ages and health conditions, and short trip travelers are provided with a variety of snacks.
✓ Display screens and special headphones to follow the latest various entertainment materials such as movies, music and songs.
✓ A variety of different types of e-readers are available, such as newspapers, magazines and books.

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The most important destinations of Iraqi Airways

Iraqi Airways flights to / from Baghdad Iraq
Iraqi Airways flights to / from Amman
Iraqi Airways flights to / from Ankara
Iraqi Airways flights to / from Bahrain
Iraqi Airways flights to / from Beijing
Iraqi Airways flights to / from Tehran
Iraqi Airways flights to / from Berlin
Iraqi Airways flights to / from Delhi
Iraqi Airways flights to / from London
Iraqi Airways flights to / from Cairo

Book tickets on Iraqi Airways

The possibility of booking airline tickets on Iraqi Airways aircraft is available through the official website of the company, although it is still under preparation and construction, and many of its informative and informative pages are broken in the knowledge of all the company’s policies and regulations that are binding on travelers.
Where booking tickets online requires the creation of an account in the user’s name and email on the company’s website as a kind of privacy and safety, and then determining the departure and arrival destinations, the date of the day chosen for travel and departure, then the site informs you of the number of flights and the times of departure and arrival, as well as travel class prices for each trip.
It is also allowed to pay the cash value of the tickets through the official website of Iraqi Airways via smart electronic payment cards and cards, but the old and distinguished customers of the company are only allowed to postpone the payment of the financial fee for the tickets until they arrive at the airport and pay them in cash at one of the company’s outlets.

Iraqi Airways and baggage policy

The Iraqi Airways baggage policy is unified without regard to the destination or class of travel, as follows:
Children and adults in the age groups starting from two years and above are allowed in the matter of shipping with only one bag provided that their weight does not exceed 25 kg, but for handbags only one weighs a maximum of 10 kg and has dimensions of 40 cm x 30 cm x 15 cm .
As for infants, Iraqi Airways allows them to fly with one handbag, which does not exceed 10 kg, and its dimensions are 40 cm x 30 cm x 15 cm.
Weights may vary from time to time, in which case the company will clarify the weights permitted for the passenger to the extent of his travel during booking.

Summary of customer reviews

Iraqi Airways has received a rating of 3.5 / 5 on Tripadvisor to book and rate flights according to the comments of 66 people who have traveled on Iraqi Airways.

common questions

The following paragraphs answer all of your inquiries, regarding Iraq lines and its dealings with its customers, that are still on your mind:

What baggage does Iraqi Airways prohibit from carrying its planes?

Luggage that Iraqi Airways prohibits carrying on its aircraft in accordance with the luggage policy established by the company, for example:
Flashlights, fireworks, ammunition, explosive or flammable materials, oxidizing substances and preparations such as teeth whitening and clothing bleaching, radioactive materials, compressed and toxic gas materials.

What is the procedure in case of luggage lost or damaged?

In the event that some luggage is damaged or lost, you should review or report the lost and lost office via the website of the Iraqi Airways or the destination airport and explain its specifications and condition accurately, and accordingly, you will investigate and track the company accurately and quickly the progress of your luggage and you will be informed of the developments.

Can my child travel on an unaccompanied Iraq flight?

Yes, children from 5 to 11 years old can travel without the flight facilities of Iraq, but it is required to book the small traveler service without the company’s facilities and it will be closely followed by the flight crew, otherwise children under the age of 12 years are not allowed to travel alone.

What are the conditions for people with special needs traveling on Iraqi Airways flights?

Iraqi Airways offers convenient privileges and services for people with special needs traveling on its flights, especially those who suffer from movement or visual impairment, but you must request these services and report the nature of the case by submitting a detailed report about it by the treating physician 48 hours before the flight.

When do I start finishing my travel procedures at the airport?

You must start completing your travel procedures at the airport no less than 4 hours before your flight is due, provided that you complete all procedures at least an hour before the plane takes off.

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