Ireland’s most beautiful tourist attractions guide. Information on the names of distinctive places of entertainment from the experiences of travelers that are recommended to visit. Details on the Arab Travelers website.

Names of Ireland’s Most Beautiful Landmarks:

  • Killarney National Park:

This park is considered one of the first national parks, which was established in 1932, and is considered one of the beautiful tourist places in Ireland, as it covers vast areas of diverse environmental terrain, as it includes mountains, lakes and forests, besides it includes a variety of animals where there are types Very rare, this park is known to have the longest mountain ranges found in Ireland, as well as for its embrace of a historic castle dating back to the 15th century.

  • Giants Pass:

The Giants Pass or the Giant Pass is located on the north coast of Ireland, specifically below the rocky slopes, this pass is a number of basalt rock formations that are found adjacent to each other to resemble the steps of the ladder, and the name of the Giants Pass has been called upon in relation to its shape similar to myths, where Myths say that the giants were using this pass for the sake of crossing the sea and reaching Scotland, and this site enjoys a huge demand from tourists, and was classified by UNESCO in 1986 as one of the most important world heritage sites.

  • Moher Cliffs:

These slopes are one of the most beautiful tourist places in western Ireland, as this region enjoys its charming natural scenery, to end with a slope of 650 feet in some areas, and this slope reaches the Atlantic Ocean, and these slopes extend to a distance of approximately five miles, along the coast Atlantic Ocean, these cliffs are located in the county of Clare.

  • Kerry’s Episode:

The Kerry Circle, or as some people know it on the Evera Peninsula, is an area located in southwestern Ireland in the County of Kerry, and this ring extends in a circular way up to 179 km long, and is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places found there, as it attracts huge numbers of visitors, This is in order to enjoy sightseeing that is unparalleled anywhere in the world, and is considered one of the attractions in the region.

  • Aran Island:

And there is the island of Aran off the west coast of the Republic of Ireland in the Gulf of Galway, this island has enjoyed a number of attractions for tourists and visitors for centuries, during the visit to this city at the beginning, the visitor will be able to know the historical, because it provides a glimpse to visitors about its rich past, as can Enjoy watching the island by riding horse-drawn carriages, then strolling between the stone and farm houses on the island, while enjoying its amazing natural scenery.

  • Peninsula Arboretum:

It is located in the western part of Ireland, this peninsula is considered an ancient place for history, as it contains a number of remains of settlements dating back to the Bronze Age, in addition to the presence of stones dating back to prehistoric times, and there are more than 500 shacks built from stone Monasticism, and it is possible to enjoy surfing in addition to doing many beach activities that take place on the shores of this peninsula, and what is most distinguished by the presence of many restaurants and a number of good places to stay.

  • Killarney and Ring of Kerry Lakes:

This place is considered one of the most suitable destinations for those wishing to enjoy the natural scenery located on the coasts, there are many mountainous landscapes and a number of ancient monuments, so there is the magic of the ancient world inhabiting from Killarney lakes as well as in the houses and castles there, and it is considered one of the suitable destinations for lovers of calm and relaxation As it can be considered one of the most romantic places in the world, it is possible to go there on a horse tour, then visit the Victorian Victorian House located in the Central Lake, this house which Queen Victoria visited in 1861.

  • Skilling Islands:

These islands consist of two high black pyramids in the Atlantic Ocean, and around them the birds revolve as they are an important habitat for many different types of birds, those mysterious and enchanting islands with a blue appearance, as soon as you see this place the seer thinks it is like a pirate’s home, but in fact it is a monastic site During the first Christian period, the archaeological value of these islands is known, and in order to reach them this requires an hour and a half on the boat that leaves from Valentina, and one of the best times to visit this place is during April until late September.

  • Krug Patrick:

Krugh Patrick is considered one of the ancient hermit sites known to date. It dates back to the reign of St. Bartek, who is held to have fasted for forty days on the top of Krug Patrick in the fifth century, so the church was built there, and walking to this summit may seem easy, but this matter in fact requires from The person has to be willing to climb for two hours, and on the top of this summit you can enjoy the wonderful scenic views of Chloe Bay.

  • Mount Carrick’s Entrance Bridge:

It is possible to cross over a bridge, this bridge is a small mountain that extends up to 23 meters above the Atlantic Ocean, and has been established traditionally by a number of salmon fishermen, and the Carrick Island Island is considered to be the original home for Fulmar, Guillemot, Kitwax and Razobels, these breed. Birds on islands are located close to the mountain bridge, so if you want to cross the bridge you must be ready to feel dizzy as you look down or on Rathlem and Scotland, where there is a short coastal path This path leads to the bridge Carrick Mountain.

  • Glyndalough:

It is considered to be one of the most famous sites of the first Christianity and one of the most important sites in Ireland. It is a green, ice-sculpted valley located between high mountains and descending into two static lakes. This place is considered a natural oasis located in the heart of the National Park for the Glendlo Mountains and Wicklow Mountains.

  • Tara Hill:

Tara Hill is considered the old seat that was favored by the High Kings in Ireland, so it is one of the most important sites in Emerald Island, and the visitor center explains the importance of this site through a visual and audio presentation, it is possible to enjoy this great attraction with the good weather that is characterized by it Ireland.

  • Newcastle:

Located in Down County, this place is like an architectural masterpiece that is no less beautiful or famous than Killarney, and is located at the base of the Morne Mountains, and the city has benefited in the recent period from the millions of updates that have taken place in the city, which made this place a special attraction to the seashore, where it comes Many visitors visit Newcastle through the Morne Mountains, and there is a possibility to enjoy golfing at the Royal County Down. It is also possible to enjoy a concert, take a stroll in the nature, or relax on the beach.

  • Bunratty Castle:

It is one of the magnificent castles that dates back to the fifteenth century, as it was built in 1425, and the castle is located in the province of Clipper in the center of the village of Boneretti, this castle is equipped inside with the finest furnishings and many archaeological works of beauty, and this castle is surrounded by a beautiful garden, and has become Both the garden and the castle are one of the tourist attractions, as they are open to the masses, and this castle includes a number of beautiful buildings that are distributed between offices, museums and churches.

  • Buren:

This place resembles a wonderful limestone karate plate, and it includes a huge rock group, and Buren is considered one of the most important natural attractions in Ireland and one of the most famous areas there, because this terrain with unspeakable charm that fills the region, besides the region contains a number Of the rare plants found, this is due to a number of natural factors. About 635 different species of plants are recorded in the area.



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